it is a shame

To stand in awe at words is a beautiful place to be as I head to work this Sabbath morn.

Please enjoy the depth of Marga.

Ever her own, yet with a voice that still speaks so eloquently for the foundational moments that all humanity who are focused on growth share.

I am honored to call her my friend.


Life as Improv

in a heap

The sidewalk opens up,

you wouldn’t believe,

in the most pedestrian of moments;

a swirling confusion

with a gravity all its own

pulls on me as I am

trying to be a human,

forcing myself out of the bedroom,

imagining as if all of this is real.

When I buy into

this body, I am

winking and nudging

unwilling partners – and blushing

from the effort.

My rush for acceptance has me

shuffling off to buffalo

into the orchestra pit,

landing on the violin player

who is Asian,

and svelte,

and oh, so condescending.

Get off, I imagine.

I can’t hide enough

to feel any better –

(the reel still plays within),

but what else are we

to do when

longing stirs

– stuff it down?

That makes me hungry

for dark, espresso cake.

Should I seek a dark corner to nurse

the shame it brings to try?

Am I…

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One thought on “it is a shame

  1. I am not sure why, but the picture I chose as a header to this re-post is not showing up off my home page. It is the one from Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.

    Peppermint winds my sweets. It is peppermint winds blowing the smoke when one has the courage to smell deeply. -x.M

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