The Heart of Health & Healing

The first time I saw an actual human brain I was seven years old.  My childhood friend’s mother was a doctor working as a pathologist at the hospital near where we lived. She was invited to come and speak to our 2nd grade class and she brought with her a human brain to include as part of her talk.  I don’t remember much of what was said, but I do remember what that brain looked and felt like in fine detail.  She brought it out during the talk from being stored in what looked like to me to be one of those 1970’s gallon size plastic ice cream buckets and I remember clearly the smell that permeated the room as she gloved up and opened it (it was my first time to ever smell formaldehyde).  I remember thinking it felt like touching buffalo mozzarella cheese balls.

It was incredible to that seven year old me that what Dr. Hammond was holding in her hands once was in a living person that walked and talked and had a family and had lived a life just like I was living.  It was incredible that the same thing right in that moment was also actually inside me, inside my head…doing things.  How was mine different than the one I saw sitting in that bucket?  How did my brain differ from that one helping me be me?

In an instant during that expanded version of show and tell and bring your parent to school day, a life long love of biology, neurology and physiology was born.

Fast forward a few more years and at age eleven I am sent to the kitchen at church during a function to retrieve some item for some other grownup who did not want to go themselves.  In there washing dishes (wearing a hairnet!) I found another friend’s father who was one of the preeminent neurosurgeons in the western United States.  I will not go into detail regarding my brief exchange with him, but I will share that a few minutes later I left that room realizing with utter clarity that intimately understanding the workings of the human brain structure did not guarantee the ability to implement that knowledge with any sort of empathy.  This Doctor was one of a formidable intellect, but with an unhappiness and sharpness that had been diagnosed and seen clearly by an eleven year old.  For the rest of my childhood and teenage years I cut this man a wide berth as he was prickly feeling to be around.

A life long love of psychology is born.

I share these stories here as a bit of background from the young M’s life which may help explain why I keep touching back on similar ground already covered on this blog.  But as I do so, I endeavor to come at the territory from the imagination of new people, using their unique words and perspectives to help us expand and grow.

I do this because I want to live a healthy & happy life.  I write and share here because I want you to live a healthy & happy life, too.  I do this because I want our current home on earth to be a place that can support healthy & happy living.  And (because we are not afraid of occasionally dancing with the woo woo here on seeingM, too) might I also say that I want the earth itself to have a healthy & happy life.

Due to unusual circumstances, last night I found myself on an airplane in the middle of the night watching the movie Gravity.  I won’t give details to spoil the story for those who may not have seen it, but as I looked out the window to see the beginning colors of a rising sun as it can be observed on the horizon from 39,000 feet just over Chicago, Illinois and Lake Michigan, something very similar was seen to be happening in the movie as it was shared from the perceptive of space and from reentry to earth’s precious atmosphere from there.  In that moment of such synchronicity, I had such a huge surging pang of love for my home, our home planet…so much so that I could not stop the tears from publicly spilling.  They were tears of joy at the beauty of life on earth and poignancy at the mess we are making in our living it.  (Often in my life there have been many times that I have felt like I am a foreigner visiting here, homesick for somewhere else, but that has never stopped me from loving the place in my bones.)

If you have not seen that movie yet, I highly recommend you do.  I will suggest just letting go of any focus asked by Hollywood taint, and ignoring the emotional immaturity that Ms. Bullock is asked to display, to enjoy the movie for what it also can be when one uses eyes looking to see it: a love letter to the earth.   This sweetly scented letter definitely can be read peeking through the hype. During the final scene of the movie this quote jumped into my mind:

“Fashioned from the earth, we are souls in clay form. We need to remain in rhythm with our inner clay voice and longing. Yet this voice is no longer audible in this modern world. We are not even aware of our loss, consequently, the pain of our spiritual exile is more intense in being largely unintelligible.”

-John O’Donohue

So many human beings are making such a mess with their clay, our clay as we live our lives and as a result, our precious earth is in such a state of disarray. Who is responsible for fixing this?

We are responsible for this.

What can little old we to do about it?

For me, it starts with understanding our relationship to our clay.  It is beginning a conversation and education of the clay from the teacher that animates it.  It starts with understanding how what is living in and on that clay WHEN ALLOWED can then use the brain and heart to heal the life that is being lived.  When this happens, then and only then, this will create the opportunities and conditions needed to heal the place it is lived upon.

So, want to tackle the small task of healing the world and what you see today?

Educate and heal the eyes that see and experience it.  Educate and heal yourself first.  It is the most powerful and compassionate thing you can ever ever do in and with your life.

Some thoughts and tools to contemplate to do this:


**WOO WOO alert (lol) :

**If you find you are one who has an issue with the concept of channeling, I would humbly suggest asking yourself why this is.  For me personally it is all about the intent of the speaker and where the words spoken hit the truth-om-meter inside me.  Consider watching this video anyway.  EXCELLENT way to free ones current mind constructs, even if only temporarily and to exercise the discernment muscles.  Someone can claim to be speaking as an earthworm from the Andromeda galaxy and I don’t care.  What I do care about is what the ear in my heart hears being said.

Review on M’s ace or crap acid test:

How do I feel when I hear the words and have finished watching?

Do I walk away from their message uplifted, enlightened, inspired and empowered or do I walk away overwhelmed, weighed down, depressed and insecure?


– – – – –

(Ok, just to give an additional layer of eclectic yum for you as well, I will pass on a great find which works magic with clay used on and in this clay of ours:  )

beautiful clay on clay creation

“For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.   We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.   -2Corinthians 10:3-6

Man, those Christians do love that onward solder language 🙂 , but it is just a polarized verbiage for the same integration to do list for humanity.

Love, M

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9 thoughts on “The Heart of Health & Healing

  1. Expanded talk with additional details and focus:

  2. M,
    I so enjoy hearing about the roots of you, or would that be the story of M?
    I also enjoyed Gravity with similar complaints about the characters and the story. The visuals were stunning and the sense of the cold eerie place of space provided a stark contrast to our warm, fuzzy planet home.

    I can imagine how uncanny it would be to watch from 35,000 feet!

    I agree too on the channeling issue, or near-death or past-life stuff. Without a precise explanation of the phenomena I still find insight in some of these experiences by the very nature of what is said.

    Okay, thanks for the links. I look forward to listening.

    • The watching of any attached videos is never expected, but I do like to leave contemplation trails for those who are interested in digging deeper in different thought rabbit holes moving us all closer to wholeness 🙂 .

      Beautiful open mind that can embrace phenomena without the need to nail explanations to the wall. Keeps this adventure of life interesting. -x.M

  3. How is it that you look so good even when covered in clay? xxx

  4. So enjoyed the learning presented here as well as a peek at the painted goddess 🙂 I was struck by the poignancy of the baseball cap man’s articulate honesty from his perspective in that moment of time – there is such power in the speaking of the truth – which enables all to recognize in what areas we overlap with the same overwhelm and disgust for what seems “pat” answers. Good on the dear Esther/Abraham who could meet him where he was here in this video while also presenting a glimmer of a way out of the cave. Even beyond words, one can feel the electricity of the engagement of spoken truths in that room – even from this distance. Wonderful sharing, Ms. M! I have enjoyed sneaking in some learning moments between virtual stacks of essays. I love seeing you floating among stars while you are also able to kiss the lovely planet earth who welcomes the sky goddess’ many returns. xo!! m

    • Appreciating the little pleasures (like finding this comment from you), made available in taking quick breaks from “work” flow…me from hours and hours while working on completion of online study modules (peppered with slow loading videos), corresponding topical quizzes and a final exam to re-certify me to fly for the coming year (oh and did I mention that my company only secure loads using internet explorer, which means if you have a Mac, at times you can complete whole sections that then will not record as being done?!).

      I now can proudly claim to remember exactly how much dry ice is allowed on aircraft to chill food and to keep organs transported for transplant (5.5 lbs). …and you know, the important stuff like how many coffee makers are in the front galley on the aircraft type that I never fly on (lol…not quite sure what that has to do with the safety and security in my role as a flight attendant, but I bow to the wisdom of the FAA).

      Wonderful to find a check in from you on this quick study break. x.M

  5. Wondrous synchronicity. I am about twelve hours beyond my first viewing of the movie Gravity, which touched me as well. The imparted experience of flying off into space into isolation, the movement of another to reach into that darkness and pull you out, the movement of an ‘other’ from beyond the veil of death to urge one on in life, all touched me deeply. That to me was not Hollywood, but the underlying story of our daily existence, if we would but consider it is possibly true. So often we find ourselves isolated, willing to concede, in the presence of circumstances that seem to big for us, and then there is that hand that reaches out and nudges us onward. A moment in which we have to laugh.

    I want us all to have healthy and happy lives, too.

    Also, the world needs a bit of woo, so please keep serving it up!


    • I am grateful for your expanded movie assessment shared here. I was typing this post quickly in the middle of the next night before heading back out for a working trip again and found myself without the time to craft the description in a way that would not give too much of the story away for those who had yet to see it, but also conveyed the true depth beyond the action and adventure story.

      There is a moment in the movie of finally being able to shed the outer suit and to return to a circling float of calm and curling into herself breathing by Ms Bullock that took my breath away. I have had that similar feeling of relief at hitting pause on the demands of the external experience for just a moment to regroup and “heal” a moment before expanding back out into the tasks demanding attention at hand.

      Thanks Michael!


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