Artist Formerly Known As…

I have been contemplating again today the way that a life can unfold when we consider ourselves artists and the living of our lives itself, the ultimate work of art.

In my world, when I consider my life an art project, I find the fundamental medium for use in it’s creation is the “stuff” of love in being.  With this perspective, my identity transforms.  I become an artist formally known as M, infusing a focus on just being love, riding the emotions that arise and fall while doing the living of a human life in our shared art gallery.

As I do this being in love, I sit back and watch the magic unfold.

From living a life with this focus and intent, then even the very things I surround myself with (those props of human life used in the external flow of living) become not just mere objects, but the art teachers that they actually are.  The power of their ability to teach is directly related to how close to the hand of the creator they come from and where the eye looking to see does so from.  Their actual structures can emanate the truth as we together become permeated with a sense of meaning from the very source point of creation. Look around your home because we all have examples that can help us understand what I am on about, as it is happening.  This is just a little exercise offered as a way to access a tangible example of what the words left here represent:

Hold in your hand something that is mass produced, made quickly in time by a machine as the structural artist (I pick up a lap blanket purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond). Then hold in your hand another version of that same something that was created directly by the human hand as manifest thought of an artist in action creating, with meaning over time (I pick up the granny square alpaca wool blanket I made last year).

A completely different inner experience CAN be had while doing this externally sourced comparison which directly has do with how close the touch of the creator is as it comes through creation and in the act of creation in time.  Now this is not to say that beauty and the grand intention of love in creation is not to be found in quickly mass produced, machine made material, but for me it is definitely felt as a few more layers removed and thus is harder to cull reminders of being home in the doing with and from.

So just what else can be considered art in the doing of living while being from home?  Well, everything.  I was drinking a bottle of sparkling water the other day and happened to catch this message written faintly on the inside back of the bottle:

Andy and Perrier“Art is what you can get away with.”  -Andy Warhol

I love this idea of what can be considered art and completely agree. What do you want to do with your life and how are you doing it?  Whatever your answer is, there is your great art project and how you are doing it becomes your own personal gallery (…and I believe, there are no wrong answers, ultimately no bad art when beheld by the EYE THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!)

I also recently have been enjoying looking at the externalized relationship with art as it has developed for humans over time within the context of the shared history that we CURRENTLY know about.  The oldest known human art expressed on an externalized gallery (of sorts) is at Chauvet Cave. (See comments for documentary link).

Chauvethorses Chauvet Cave hand  and dots

I think about the human hand with it’s crooked finger that made this art.  Then I look down at my own hand and see a similar crooked finger, and my oh my!, the profound feeling of being home again that starts to flow.  REALLY REALLY look at the art work of our human family from 32,000 years ago with the EYE IN YOUR HEART and I will be stunned if you, too, do not have a spontaneous ecstatic seizure (thank you for such a stunning place to poach from Michael 🙂 ).

Another truly delicious resource that speaks so eloquently about life as the art project that it can be is Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue.  It is rare these days for me to find a book that so closely speaks in the language of the way that I think, assign meaning and live my life. I discovered this brilliant man and this particular book for the first time last fall.  He writes from the place of being love in the beauty of form that it takes.  I have been reading his words ssslllooowwwlllyyy, savoring every morsel.

Upon discovering that this heart of gold man had already passed away, my chest instantly felt a heavy pang, as if a close friend had just died.  John speaks my language and he has been a rare anam cara find.  I am now left within a happiness that today he communicates with me on the breeze I feel when I stand and look out over his beloved ocean from my home here in Oregon.  However, I still would have liked to have had the opportunity to give him a hug in the humanoid person before he made his exit from the clay on to the next adventure.  I find I miss him terribly, even though I never met him here.

So on this blog, often to the surface eye I share a doing, say with a tea experience or a Japanese mirror, but to the eye in the heart, what I am really attempting in my own small way to share is a quick peek at OUR private inner gallery.  It is a share of the love from what it is to be being M, living in the world as she sees, tastes, touches, smells and hears in the doing human home from the remembrance of being home.

We all create art in the gallery of living …and we can do it with a hand that touches the canvas or with the remembrance of what gives that hand it’s arise into existence to begin with.

Look closer. The choice is yours.

I am sitting quietly in the background today, smiling a secret smile as I look out, and seeing my true name lit with candles, I look again with the heart, seeing what the mirrors I surround myself with reflect back.


“I don’t mean to scare you.  I am not obsessing.  I am just curious.”
-Ricky Fitts

Name:  LOVE

Occupation: ESTHETE

Job Description: BEING


If I asked you to come away and create something beautiful with me in the gallery cave of our being tonight, would you?



The artist formerly always known, currently as  ____x_____ .
(our true, deeper same name goes there where X marks the spot 🙂 )


– – – – –

Another great resource that I enjoyed which can help one to begin to understand a more “spiritual” spot for looking at what human art is and how important it is in the experience of living I found in the series How Art Made The World.  (see comments for links).  EXCELLENT and very interesting thoughts about why similar rock and cave art from different cultures in those ancient times is found all around the world.


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13 thoughts on “Artist Formerly Known As…

  1. Chauvet Cave:

  2. How Art Made The World:

    There is a 5th episode in the series called To Death and Back, but I have not been able to locate it on line.

  3. Dear M,

    Such a profound truth! Every moment a new creation, and we are It! Denying it is just another fantasy, yes? But how much happier we are when we know that we are It? It can’t be helped, we are the creation and the creators. Probably too scary for some, misunderstood by many (those who think that creating is winning something other than the nose on their face), but what all the poets have always been trying to share with us.

    Ha ha…we are a miracle! 🙂 Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.


    • Joy joy joy of petero#9!

      In the funky miracle that is life, it is a joy to have been found (and to find) the wisdom of those who don’t talk us out of it. -x.M

  4. Ok, I have discovered that I am misremembering the location of the information on cave art and it’s link to human spirituality. It was in a video I watched highlighting the work of David Whitley which I now cannot find. Some information is given in the blurb about his book though:

    “How Art Made the World” is still an excellent and thought provoking watch as well, so I will leave the links. -x.M

  5. Just to link the trail a bit more… found this in search for video:

  6. I love this reminder to give ourselves permission to tend to the seeds of beauty in everyday life. That which is beautiful can be found all around us, yet we grow accustomed to that which is familiar and lose touch with the nourishment of beauty that surrounds us sometimes. (And here I am echoing the words of the beloved John O’Donohue, whom I have been listening this past month. I love his soft and slow voice, allowing the listener to soak up every word and fall into his sweetness of mood. I have recently purchased Anam Cara in audiobook form, To Bless the Space Between Us in beautiful hardcover, and To Bless the Space Between Us checked out from the local library in audiobook format.) As I read your post, I envisioned the home in which I live, and chuckled. The walls of the multiple houses we have lived in over the last ten years have been decorated with the art of the little humans residing within them, and we have recently taken to painting with acrylic on canvas, which has been a great creative and sensory outlet for all of us! There is always pause and contemplation of the beautiful found here, and a gratitude for having eyes that see it, a gesture to offer that view to others. Last night, after reading this post, I cleaned my kitchen with the greatest of ease and even mopped the floor, delighting in the beauty of shiny appliances and tiles. I am greeted today by a warm spring day, and we will sit outside for hours with that lusty spring beauty as our companion.

    “When one flower blooms, spring awakens everywhere.” – John O’Donohue

    M, you are a flower blooming, awakening the springtime in our hearts, wether it be with root beer and mashed potatoes or lovely charcoal birthing a woman swinging. Thank you. -A

    • Such a deep and thought filled reply. Thank you for sharing the peeks from yOur gallery A. To truly see it, we must be it.

      Much love from my home to you and the little humans that currently share space with you in yours. -x.M

  7. Attending to the finds of M has provided me a Ph.D. in Beauty. As I teach today, starting our poetry unit, I start them out with the plastic bag scene from American Beauty – that leads into the birds on a wire, helping us all get into the mindset as poets experiencing the world – the next few weeks I sprinkle in many of the words and art shared from thee for the students who are open to see and hear – and many are! Looking forward to diving into the depths shared here today when space allows!
    (Eden also has an angle on the end of her pinky finger, in just the same way. We have often discussed her possible lineage that may account for this feature – cannot wait to share with her:)

    • It is living poetry as light tracks it’s dance through the clay forms of our being as John would say. You do it so beautifully M. Your students are so lucky to be taught by a teacher who can give the depths from so many layers available to be seen when the eyes are reminded of potentials.

      As for Eden 🙂 , she will have the whole world wrapped around her little finger. -x.M

  8. I woke up this morning in my home in Spain, just returning from our winter stay in Florida and Mexico… and started wondering how you were… glad you weren’t on the Malaysian flight, any idea’s as to what happened? (could it have began with a thought for a pilot to ‘land in the sea?’ ) So have been enjoying your posts… Absolutely love this post about the beauty of our life, of our self… we are indeed the creator and creation… whatever takes our fancy in each moment we can choose to experience something beautiful and new… Seeing through the eyes of Barbara… Take care, Barbara

    • I am so glad your winter took you right to where you were wanting and meant to be. No was not on that missing flight, but ultimately one day if that is the way I go, I go. It was time for those who are now missing to be off to the next adventure. I believe the important part is how gracefully we go. Once we realize we can’t change what is happening, it becomes only within our control how we handle what is happening. I hope there was a bit of peace and little pain.

      Thanks for checking in and welcome home!


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