Learning The Power of Love…A Story

Is there pain within the experiences we face here on this planet?  Yes.  I was born into a body in a pain filled process.  Ask any woman who has given birth.

However, suffering within what hurts us is whole other piece of the human story to be considered.  In my life so far I have found pain gifts empowerment.  That is to say FOR ME (not to preach to anyone else, rather just to offer as a share from my front door), because I have discovered suffering is a choice.


Please meet Pe & Fu.


What does their love story teach us?

Gracious the overwhelming beauty of true love. There is pain, but it is not creating a bleak life of suffering.  The storm of living is tossing their relationship upon the sea, but this brave man stands on the bow facing life full of love.

Eyes that have the power to truly see still mist, but no longer suffer.





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20 thoughts on “Learning The Power of Love…A Story

  1. Wow, I’m crying now M.

    Intuitively, I think people with Alzheimer’s are very much there, it’s just their ability to let us know is gone or nearly gone.

    Very sweet, but also, as James Hillman says, an example of what it means to “grow down,” as compared to grow up.

    I can only wish that I will follow his example if ever put in a similar situation.

    Hope some of this sunshine is pouring down on you this week M!

    Thanks for sharing the story…


    • D,

      As one who has had beloved family members who in their later years visited into the land of Alzheimers, it is a very meaningful little video which has the potential to touch deeply. Those aging family members gifted other people in my family a chance to find the inner space and reason to access a deeper peace and stillness of presence with being which is always available just under the surface of all the doing we do in a human lifetime.

      I adore that concept of “growing down”! Thank you for sharing it here. It is a powerful thing to live through a disease like this and it brings with it many potential lessons attached. I do not believe it happens by accident, but can be gifted as a last dance with growth in love on the way out of here. Precious, courageous people like Pe & Fe step onto that dance floor and make something powerful and beautiful out of the anguish and pain.


  2. I’m crying too, Debra, a sob erupts from my belly when I least expect it. I think it is from the energy in this man – his signature of being in this role – so graciously lovingly fastidiously caring for this beloved who strikes me as one almost completely on the other side but for her pinky toe. what mystery here, for I think at moments I can see the gifting she is doing for him in this departure and the gifting he is doing for her in the caring of her – even delaying his own departure for her need of him. oh, the joy and sorrow swirl into one and I cannot distinguish. Thank you as always for the gifting of deep doings or rather BEings, M! xo

    • So much pain afoot in the flow of being born and living on the planet when we look about. It is so powerful to see one who is not afraid to feel the pain, but who does not turn his life into a string of moments of constant suffering because of it. The emotional alchemy present is stunningly beautiful. -x.M

  3. At the risk of sounding…I don’t even know….there is so much here that is my life. I am living so parallel to this man that I laugh and cry with him. For it is not my spouse, but my 7-year old child, who has not progressed developmentally past the age of 8 months, and it is not alzheimers, but epilepsy. And yet, as he says “I want (him) to walk and talk, to be able to help (himself)…” “I firmly believe that (he) is not going to be anywhere better than (he) is with me.” “I am old fashioned – affection, cuddles, family, those things help more than anything else.” (It has proven to be a bit of a battle to keep a highly disabled child out of school.) And then all the way to “It’s exhausting” and “Isn’t it true that you will improve? Isn’t it true that we will have a good time?” Oh, in some moments, how I long for my baby to heal, to have some miracle bestowed upon him. Really though, he is perfect, he is healed, he is him, and he is a miracle beyond what I could have ever wished.

    And then, I see myself reflected in your words, and I smile, and I am amazed at the amount of strength and love I have developed. The alchemy of Nicholas James.

    There is pain, but it is not creating a bleak life of suffering. The storm of living is tossing their relationship upon the sea, but this brave (mother) stands on the bow facing life full of love.

    Eyes that have the power to truly see still mist, but no longer suffer.

    My eyes are misting, but my heart no longer suffers.

    Wowzers. On the lunar eclipse, of all times to read this. Thank you M.


    • Such incredible depth and the ability to stand and witness without running away and hiding (which is still ok to feel compelled to do from time to time in my book!). It is to bow into the pain and challenge of living life with a heart that knows the weight of what it is to truly be alive and feeling within a structure of polarity. It all must be mapped and with the strength of emotional muscle built by gifted heart ache, one (l)earns the lightness in just being present in witness. In these challenges, the whole externalized spoon fed agenda of what we are taught humans are supposed to be doing here immediately gets called into question. The thought chains the “able” bodied in the west are born into then suddenly become felt and seen more clearly as the imposed limitations of our own making that they are.

      YES YES YES !!! It is the alchemy of A removing the layers back to the ferocity of the warrior princess of love found in her very authentic fiber of being!

      This M’s eyes still mist at times feeling and knowing of the fullness of the plate before you, but my heart sings with joy at the ability to wade into the river of it’s living and set the need for suffering through free.

      You are a sh*t hot mother f*cker A 🙂 who I would be honored to have by my side as we face going into the dark alleys of living, setting ourselves free, trailing the light that we are behind us helping make the dark that little bit less scary for those who are now in (y)our wake. In your life it is not just concepts and words on a page, once you have lived them, you remember. LOVE LOVE LOVE… Tag, A …YOU ARE IT!!!


      • Your words are an arrow to my heart. Yes it would seem, that at the delicious buffet of life, my ‘eyes were bigger than my stomach’, and I piled my plate, sometimes to overflow. However, underneath that surface level of of overflow, I see that my stomach (my core) was wise all along. I can feel in my depths that my soul has no patience for the gentle distractions that were part of my other lives or experiences leading up to this point. This life is for service, for discovery, for alchemy of my being. And there is so much richness and beauty in it, if I can just hold space for the harder parts to just be.

        As a side note – as I write this my son is thanking me profusely for breakfast, a quick and dirty version of aebleskivers (without separating eggs and whipping whites), but still filled with chocolate chips, which makes everything delicious. (In all my thrift, I ordered a cast iron pan to make an Amazon order eligible for free shipping. hehehe) You and your sisters have rejuvenated breakfast in our house!

        I am amused this morning, with how we emotionally, spiritually, and tangibly influence the households of each other. I am so grateful to be tagged!

      • Oh the pleasure and the pain of the all you can eat living of life smorgasbord! Such bravery and courage to really feast instead of shuffling around head to toe in emotional bubble wrap attempting not to bump into anything too deep!

        Feeling is a funny business and it is beautiful to me to see one who so clearly signed herself up to become an aritist of navigating the deep waters of emotion. Turbulence up top, but just below the surface there are currents, but essentially eternally calm calm calm waters where sharks are known and become the wise teachers that they are.


  4. Thanks so much again dearest M!!! I don’t know where you always find all your videos, BUT they are always SPOT ON!!! I love the whole video, but mostly when she Fe looks at Pe and says, Ti Amo!
    That’s when I cried,( from the happiness) AMAZING…Love from the Pi

    • The videos find me and I at times just then archive them. There is one of our fellow family members out there who crossed my path indirectly elsewhere and in their words I could feel they were crackling under a struggle with suffering and my heart just went out to them in an indirectly hugging way here. The likely hood that they will ever discover this post is small, but they inspired a great place of sharing for those who do find their way here.

      Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and ye can then discover that the door is always open to us with help all around when we are in motion and really needing it.


      • I realized I’ve written something about a few years ago. If you want to read it, search for;
        Alzheimer, the old timer. If not, also fine, love P

      • Thanks for the scoop. I seem to remember something about lemons you posted.

        Here is something else that seems to be rather interesting and hits the heart feeling there is some truth floating within:

        I also so saw a message somewhere about your blog switch and now it has disappeared. I am not sure if it was attached to a message in your writing, or if you left it in my reader and it got deleted? I am telling you P, I am just proficient enough to be dangerous here on this blog, but not really totally competent. I can cut and paste a few things, but there is much I do not know.

        You would be welcome to link whatever you would like from this blog to your new one. I think that the url to embed is just . It might need the www. infront of it. I will cut and paste here and you can see if you can copy it (just highlight and right click with your mouse and it should ask the option to copy…then your put the courser in the new spot you want it to go and right click again and hit paste… if you already knew this please forgive the detail, but I did not know how to do this from within someone elses writing for a long time):



        is my new blog. I’m like you, in the sense that I’m just proficient enough to get by on the internet, and with some help from my friends, so you don’t ever to apoligize for helping me out, SISTA! Thank You for everything and lets keep in touch! Happy Easter for you and Neill. Is that your hubby’s name or just N? 🙂 You know that I love your name. Never heard of it ever before. There’s only one Marren, and that’s YOU. When I know how to do it, I put you on my bog page as a permanent link…Love and namaste M, P x

  5. OH yes. Happy Lunar tonight!!! If you see it please make a picture!?

  6. I’m at a loss for words, grateful to be a fly on the wall here. My heart is filled ten times over.


    • The mathematics of love as it grows and spreads exponentially…we do the sums and solve for X as we share the equation living the seemingly mundane care taking details of each day. -x.M

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