Surfing The Forks Over Time

There are moments in the living of life where things happen, where choices are made, that will irrevocably change absolutely everything that happens from the next tick tock of the clock onward.

In the living of the life as M, I have a few of these crucial moments burned into my memory.  Some of them were things that happened to me.  Others are of the nature of an active choice I was making where I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt in the moment of my choosing that I was irrevocably closing and opening doors that could never be undone.  Things done to us or things chosen by us, ultimately, the result is the same…it is an expanding and contracting of potentials as I was moving into living my next moment in time.  I was still alive within the same breathing body, but in the next moments as a M that forever would be changed.

So, ever wake up one morning and realize deep inside that the branch of the path or fork in the road we have been seemingly forced down by others choices or started down based on our own, is not bringing the scenery into view that we thought would be there or we are not enjoying the current view life that moment is affording?  Ever wish you could go back and have a redo to undo?

Forks in the road of time only go forward in my current ability to access them.

However, we are never stuck and learning to love what currently is just as it is, is one of the tools of true freedom and empowerment on this planet.  Loving the fork we are on, the one we have been given, the one we have chosen makes all the difference in the world.

Absolutely everything can change in a moment.  But it is always in the next moment, not the last.  It is our current moment that determines our trajectory. BLINK and ones whole life can shift.  I have discovered that at the surface layer of reality, one of the only things we can actively control at any given moment is how we respond to the next breath, the next step, without chaining ourselves to moments already lived in a past that we cannot change.

We can sit on the sidelines in the current moment’s experience of the details of our life full of regret and lamentation and sorrow and throw endless pitty parties for our seeming misfortune (wrong place, wrong time) or our seeming stupidity (wrong choice) -OR- we can choose to learn/remember to love the current breath that we have, just as we have it.  Doing so puts our living back out into a forking flow of new potentials again.  And with the call for help, within love, it always appears.

Whenever I think I have it bad, I remember and bow to those that have had the courage to get out the duct tape and f*cking hang ten anyway…any way they can.



This incredible woman and her stunning friend simply ROCK!

Remember her.

You think your life sucks and things are bad and this has happened to you and you chose incorrectly back when and now can’t shouldn’t wouldn’t…too broken, too hurt, too many limitations, too much baggage…blah blah blah.

I will compassionately tell you to tell those thoughts to f*ck off.

They are just that…thoughts.  And the only way thoughts gain power into action in our lives is when we believe them.

There is only ever really a won’t.

How empowering is that? When we realize this, the fork appears again and again in time and anything becomes possible.

Sh*t hot.







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12 thoughts on “Surfing The Forks Over Time

  1. Big BOOM on that one my dear friend. While we can’t control life events we can control our response to them and that is what the ancient Taoist adepts refer to as harnessing present realities. Love love love back at ya

    • Yes the heart happy boom of fireworks! Harnessing reality and having the courage to really get into, around, under, beside, on top of the living of it and sticking with the ride. It is the board we touch and control with our movement, but what we are surfing is one wave that is separate up in the air, but still part of that whole deep ocean … I love it! -x.M

  2. As one single tine leads to another branching out of choice and another, I am learning to stop the act of looking back and second guessing the mystery of no mistakes. I often imagine, especially in a seeming quagmire, that I have just been plopped into these circumstances, like a game piece, or avatar, to figure out the way forward. This wonder, with her face agleam, is playing so magnificently with the hand she is dealt. And her strong and able boys, as well. So inspired – M! Thank you.

    • The mystery of no mistakes…mystakes…my stakes…hummmm. Are the stakes high? Well, I have seen some waves on the North Shore of my life that have set my knees a jiggling…however, for those who the ocean surfs, with practice (and a little help towing each other in and out) anything is possible.

      We all have our version of big waves tailor made. I liked when Pascale said over time (with enough practice 🙂 ) she was getting good enough to tell when they were about to wipe out. It is learning to do so gracefully and within the wave as a friend holding the body in the fall that makes the difference. Oh yes, and then swimming out for the next set and getting up and doing it all over again.

      A secret weapon…I cue this in my head when the fear factor comes on line, plug my nose and do a shimmy into the quagmire. A little synchronized swimming M? I vote for the caps with large flowers over the left ears :).


      • So funny to me; I may have to call Bull Sh*t on my own bravado because your clips do send my heart to my throat and activate the run-away muscles mightily – Gandolf’s fiery foe and this massive swelling wave. Today, I feel grateful to be granted the space to shimmy with the flower behind my ear for a bit longer, before…who knows what. 🙂 xo!

      • This might also be a good look for us:

        What do you think? Our own version of riding into to town in the white hat to save the day in our own lives!


  3. The warmth of spring sun.
    Maren posts a movie.
    My eyes water flowers.


    • I JUST finished putting out the fresh flowers in preparation for my Papa-san’s visit. With fingers still smelling of fresh cut stems, I came to the computer to set Grove Salad to bluetooth on the Jambox ( -ambiance delight for background vibes) and find the deeper flowers shared in your words. Oh, the amazing growing power of joy filled waters! Thanks M. -x.M

  4. Ah, videos of the ocean always enchant me! Especially when they contain beautiful surfer dudes, and even better that these are amazing human beings helping each other delight in life! 😉 I am reminded of a family closer to my current neck of the woods,father and son Dick and Rick Hoyt. Rick has cerebral palsy, and his father competes with him in events such as triathlons. Back in my corporate days, they spoke at the company for which I was working, and I was just amazed and touched deeply by their story. Here is a quick link to a video I have watched many many times. (not sure if links work in comments). Beautiful video. Love Michael’s Haiku maybe?

    Beautiful story M! Another example of Doing IT anyway!!!

    • Oh yes, the beautiful surfer…those who carry on a deep conversation with the ocean which I find touches their ability to be present and go with the flow that more authentic living presents.

      It is funny, but I have run across Dick and Rick before. Truly inspirational! Thanks for expanding the share for those who find their way here.


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