Nothing To Do List

One of the most important things that I have started doing everyday is allowing a period of time devoted to doing nothing.  This is not meditation time, this is not time spent on tasks or with any real preplanned intent. If it is anything, for me doing nothing is what it is to just allow being in time.  And at the end of these experiences, what does this nothingness accomplish?   What do I have to show for time spent like this?  Well, really absolutely nothing and I am finding within that, a secret door to how to do everything.

For me this nothingness is making room for what I do not yet know to become known.  It is the novelty of scheduling time with the unknown.  It is time for listening for the things I can’t quite hear yet, seeing the things just out of sight, and for getting the hints of what I don’t know that I do not yet know.  For me, right now in the flow of where I am at in my life, knowing the importance of allowing doing nothing is one of the greatest measuring sticks of success and accomplishments going.

I am just about to come to an end of my fully scheduled hard core past 6 weeks of working while being.  But I find upcoming on the to do list June 1 -27th being at home rather full.  On my being while not working calendar everyday:

the doing at least a little bit of nothing

June to do list🙂

So, when the colleagues I am currently working with ask me what I plan to do with all my time off of work next month, with a big smile and tremendous excitement I can honestly reply:

I am going to be busy busy busy working bringing home the real bacon by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

Want to join me?

invite to life

Try doing nothing and see just how much being gets done.



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16 thoughts on “Nothing To Do List

  1. ::
    When Nina started singing about bacon I couldn’t help having the TV pop in. Ever doubt how powerful the empire behind Madison Avenue is at behavioral engineering? 30 years on and I still can sing it…The 24 hr woman who knows the power of celebrating doing nothing. Now that is a perfume I want to wear. -x.M

  2. One of the biggest, if not THE biggest reason I love the sunshine state of my youth is that, in Florida the weekends (or days off) are savored, almost all year long at the beach or the pool. And what does one do 80% of the time at either of these two locations? Nothing. One just lays there, or sits there comfortably, in the sun, eyes closed, nothing. There is so much truth in the laid-back phrase “Life’s a beach.” versus in many of the other places I have since lived, where communities embrace the similar yet opposite phrase “Life’s a b**…” When the sun and the warm finally peak in and say hello in New England, I notice I do take time to do nothing much more. And I am happier for it! I love how you have tied this act of doing nothing into its supporting and nourishing us when we then go into doing something! May you have a fabulous month of doing nothing my lovely lady!

    • I can’t remember if I ever told you or not, but I lived in Florida for several years. I had a little house in St. Pete about 10 min from the beach. I am not a sun person, but there was a high end condo building right on the beach that had built a fishing dock out over the beach and into the ocean. I used to go there almost every day and sit UNDER the dock in the shade. I adore the ocean, but the sun, not so much. I have always been more of a rainy day sweater person, but many many hours of nothing were enjoyed under that “board walk” out to the dock so I completely appreciate what you adore. Looking forward to baking my bones (in the shade, but warm air 🙂 ) this summer, too -x.M

  3. M,
    What a powerful counter-cultural movement! And how appealing to it is to be so powerful while doing nothing!
    “Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.” – Charlie McCarthy (Edgar Bergen)
    Nina Simone is visiting our house today, filling in the corners with her liquid tones, on a rare unscheduled morning. May your last few hours of motion be full of this liquid peace as well! I am waiting around PDX with a sign saying WELCOME HOME, MAREN! though I know it is all for show – for your home is well recognized within! So grateful for the gifts you bring from your travels. xo!! m

    • The delight of no alarm and the unscheduled schedule. Aaaaahhhhh. Time is so preciously appreciated when it shifts away from a bit of frenetic and full. So feeling that sign with balloons attached waiting for me at PDX along with the heart happy hug of welcome home from you. -x.M

  4. ~meredith on said:

    *sigh* So easy to get lazy with Nina. Thanks.

  5. Love this, M. Making room for the indwelling of the unknown sounds delicious. And cooking bacon. That is a real power combo right there. I agree with you- that this is indeed one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves… to stop “filling” time and see what flows into the space… to allow that “awkward” silence in conversation to fill the inner world.

    Having said all that, I do find myself wondering if six weeks in a baggage encumbered aero-craft might not nudge this desire up to a fever pitch! 🙂 I suspect Silence has been patiently storing up some real gems for you!


    • I started a reply, and it disappeared! I think I must have accidentally clicked away while on this same tab page thinking I was opening a new one to add a picture. Oh well, you will get those words in the ethers.

      I was saying something about how much I enjoy how my paid work gives me the opportunity to actually live from the words I spout and write here. It is all well and good to go on and on about mindfulness, the hows of doing, and suffering being a choice, but how present can these be for us in action when paramedics AND police have to meet the aircraft upon landing after two separate incidents erupt on a full six hour all night flight? (Welcome to my world the night before last 🙂 ). Actually living what we teach/preach is where the feet hit the fire and sporadic drama at work from time to time gives me wonderful mile posts to see just where I am at in the mirror of experience.

      My nothingness goes with me on the road. I have a little Japanese incense kit that helps carve time in space to set the stage. I have timed how long each stick takes to burn so I know just how much doing of not doing I can do and still make it in time on time to meet the crew at the van back to the airport. Here is a share from my hotel this morning. It is sitting with no agenda at a little window back out of myself and into the wider world. (LOVED the horse riders and paddle boarders that floated in and out the view!) Just sitting watching what randomly comes into and leaves the view. Even into the packed on time schedule driven world that my job runs on, it is possible to hold the nothingness when I remember 🙂 .

      What was the view from the windows into your world today? With eyes that can see and a heart that can feel like yours, I know it was spectacular and full of the juiciest everything of nothingness going. -x.M

      the everything of nothing much

      • Sounds like a pretty intense flight, but I know what you mean about observing the friction factor at the point where the rubber actually hits the road. See if all the lab work really paid off! Some situations reveal us to ourselves in ways that don’t make it to the surface when life is in cruise control.

        Good that you take your joyous nothingness with you on the road, though I can’t imagine it could be any other way. It would be quite difficult to travel without having your Self right beside you, eh!? Those brief moments of checking in can make all the difference.

        The view today was pretty good. I said my on-line piece about hockey, which I had been mulling over for a day or two, and then I picked up my second Kurt Vonnegut novel, The Sirens of Titan. I’m only a few pages into it, but have already laughed out loud twice, so its looking good. I am not sure how I made it so far (so far?) (where am I?) (who just said that!?) without having read any of his writing. I just read Bluebeard a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Finding a new writer you can go to is like discovering a new friend. 🙂


      • It is funny how the universal driver engages and disengages cruise control just when we need it 🙂 . All is always well went we remember!

        I completely agree about home at heart hitting writers. I did not find Rumi until in my Twenties and it was like having a friend who knew my heart speak words of love from my core. It is a wonderful feeling to find writers who have done enough work clearing themselves that they become the channel for such a delicious feast of words.

        Nothing is going really well this first week home. Hope the same for you. -x.M

      • Yes, finding Rumi was an eye-opener. I carried him around with me wherever I went for a while, stealing glances when no one was looking. Those were heady days! 🙂


  6. Great Song again M! “Doing nothing” is the place were things evolve!
    love P x…I’m proud of You!

  7. Dear M…Someone wrote APina post…I did nothing for it! 🙂

    I know we will meet one day! P x

    Thanks for your replies!!!

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