Flying The Coupe


Recently into my world has come anew the captivating charm of the classic coupe.

Off and on over the spring we had been watching old episodes of Sherlock Holmes featuring the indomitable Jeremy Brett.  They are excellent.  Besides all the consulting detective adventures to be had, we were reminded of the pleasant civility found in the flow of the day available with the addition of taking of tea and imbibing of champagne in wonderful old style coupes.  With this inspiration in mind, off into the land of glassware shopping I went.

With the safe arrival of the unbroken package by post, as special treat, please enjoy a bubbly cocktail with me.


(pomegranate with blueberry & sparkling water is inspiring a shirt purchase!)

I offer this up with a little toast to your health and to the splendors found in early summer….

Emerson quote


Here’s to the adventure found in mixing your very own supernovas to sip in June.

Chin chin.

– – – – – – – –


In actuality the champagne coupe is not the best glass to use when one wants to keep the bubbly bubbly, as too much exposed surface area allows the bubbles to escape faster.   Modern flutes and tulip shapes hold the fizz much better, but the feel of the classic champagne coupe in the palm beats these hands down.  Marilyn and Marie agree. 🙂

marylin-monroe champagne glassmarie-antoinette-champagen glasschampagne-tower

And for those of you, who like me do not drink alcohol, might I share a delicious and fun cork popping resource in Val De France.  It comes corked with a champagne style wire cage sealed top which will blow across the room when opened.  We served it at dinner with a visiting dad (he and I share a love of raspberries).  It was a smashing hit!

dinner with dad



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10 thoughts on “Flying The Coupe

  1. ::
    The master himself at work…

  2. Lovely M!

    Cerise is a very popular color used in two-color printing, the other color being black. It pops, just like your beverage!


    • I ADORE learning new things. You help open up wonderful layers to the living of life in all you expand upon. \\

      Please let me know if your summer travel plans head you to the coast anytime soon and we shall have a cerise toast and maybe can do a field trip adventure co-post to share! -x.M

  3. I am so happy to see you celebrate your summer (and your feet back on the ground) with bubbly raspberry deliciousness! At this very moment, I admit that I am up to my ‘chin chin’ in the lap of “living in sunshine, swimming in the sea, and drinking up the wild (and salty) air.” How my heart sings! Just this morning I woke to see the sunrise, watch the pelicans soar, and laugh and point with excitement as the dolphins played in the waves. I wish I could insert a photo her to share the cerise sunrise. 🙂 Cheers to you M, for this lovely and refreshing celebration of summer!

    • Here is a little cerise share from my last chunk of work. It is early early morning at the little marsh by the train I take to the airport. It is the place that holds my precious friends the swans. A couple has been coming to nest there for years. I know when spring is finally here because they return, winter close on the way when they leave.

       photo OdarkearlycerisesunriseJFK.jpg

      Have a WONDERFUL time at the ocean. -xx.M

  4. ~meredith on said:

    Cheers! What a fun Wednesday morning read (Pellegrino is my favorite choice of bubbly, too).

    • When I was younger the thought of bubbly water made me think of drinking alka seltzer. Now I love it! Hope you can enjoy some cool glasses of yumminess this summer. -x.M

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