Sweetness, Beauty, Intoxication, Control

Just what is grooming and growing what on this planet?  The Botany of Desire gives a wonderful bunch of food for thought.  It is life on this planet from the plant’s point of view.  We are in this web of nature together…plants as mirrors for humanity, and my oh my, what a reflection to be seen.



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9 thoughts on “Sweetness, Beauty, Intoxication, Control

  1. Enjoyed – and how! Such irony, how these flowers have played us. Thank you, M, for such sharing! xo! m

    • Makes the flowers that share my space all the more precious for their being. -x.M

      Current yellow dinner table delights calling to themselves some of the only light in the room to break through a rainy day sky!
       photo yellowdinnertabledelights.jpg

      • Just as Volcanos have their reasons for blowing, flowers have their reasons for beauty(ing) and sun has its reasons for lighting up yellow flowers in the radiant retreat of M and N. I had a vision of the villagers at the foot of such volcanos not being privy to the reason or timing for the rumblings in the mountain, just as we do not know the flow of the consciousness of flowers, but we pack up our belongings and help the flowers travel and evolve just the same, making room for movement. I may not know the reasons, but turnings of late are helping me remain through eruptions and blossoming – for they seem the same through the lens of today. (When you visit, I will look forward to a tutorial on how to post a picture to the reply section – clever friend!) xo! m (love scratches to that breathtakingly beautiful Luke)

      • Lovely, I still have not figured out how to (or even if one can) post a picture in someone else’s comments, but in one’s own, it is through the HTML direct link copied from a account. -x.M

  2. It is always amazing what a subtle shift in perspective can reveal. The questions of “why” and “what for” when cast like a net over the teeming stew of self-organizing genetic contents of the world are always intriguing. It could be that the tulip has “succeeded” by “satisfying” us, but this is still very human-centric, no? Might it also be that the tulip simply has the deep desire to be of service, asking for nothing in return but the chance to be what it is, and to be near to the whirling lives and dinner conversations of those wild and crazy human beings, and that selflessness is what attracts us to it.


    • I love that thought. I want to disagree with the author and presenter when he begins with saying that plants are not conscious like humans as well. However, it is just fun to exercise the shifts in perspective even if they are a bit left of center. Beauty for the shake of being beautiful and sharing. I definitely love that thinking. -x.M

      PS just shared the current yellow dinner conversation in photo above!!!

      • Lovely photo. Your cat’s point of view is stunningly perfect. You are taking this photo of your beautiful home, and your cat is like… whatever… life is happening over here in aisle 5… I’m kind of intrigued by this floor tile here… or perhaps that is an insect creeping into my domain…

        Wait… nobody move.


      • Luke is definitely a Zen master of the universe! 🙂 He always gets in on the good action of no action at my home. He also is one to always find and ENJOY any little sunshine spot that is to be found. -x.M

      • Luke must use the Force. I can find no other reasonable explanation for this type of behavior in cats.

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