Friending The Lost At Sea

I have been making friends recently with a feeling which I think is a little like being lost at sea.  You know the state I am talking about.  This is when ones life trajectory has left the known landmarks depended on in the past for guidance.  It is when the future is given the opportunity to be left wide open while looking out on an empty horizon of imagination.  It is that precious state that then at any time can bring a thousand different new experience potentials into view.

So which direction do we make a choice to head our little life boats out in?  Are there hints from the stars above in the universe as to a preferred path to follow?  Is there a spiritual GPS signal available to us at our current life location? Is the deeper voice of our unknowns becoming known angling to have a particular heading to be rowed toward from their stirrings in the belly of the boat?  Any messages on the wind of new thought blowing just within our hearing?

life rafts of love

Looking into the vastness of living potentials, I often find little treasured messages that help floating by, dropped by those who have gone on out ahead:

A prophetic thought claims its own future; it awakens, disturbs and brings transformation.  Such a thought is a gift of imagination.  A great thought is a sense-spirit object.  At a personal level, each of us is aware of certain threshold times in the lives of our hearts when such thoughts arrived and changed everything.  

-John O’Donohue, Beauty The Invisible Embrace

Here is to celebrating those prophetic thoughts we can run into when we allow ourselves to be out in the wide open unknown not navigating, but allowing feeling a bit at a loss.  This is a living hatchery of sorts, birth place of those precious thoughts for what is possible which then can lead to choices which create new experiences that bring transformation into our lives.  This is a gift we give ourselves when we befriend the unknown in imagination with it’s accompanying feelings, which can for me, so closely resemble the feeling of being lost at sea.

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9 thoughts on “Friending The Lost At Sea

  1. I see your time with the Unknown is going well! 🙂 I love the occasional road trip for this very reason, because long stretches of road/time with nothing to do but drive frees the mind to go off on jaunts.

    I can relate to the lost at sea feeling… I have run across a few varieties in my life. One is the garden variety kind that comes when, after working week after week, I take a week off, and find I have entered this realm. It is like inhabiting a time devoid of context. The previous impetus for daily tasks is gone, and there is no new one to replace it, so the mind starts searching for new motivations for task orientation. If I’m not careful, it will seem like time to make big plans, but it was only intended (originally) to be a pleasant reprieve. Too much scheming ruins the just beingness of the downtime and compounds the challenge of smooth re-entry. Allowing myself downtime can take real effort! 🙂

    Then there is the type where we find ourselves literally adrift, and not close to shore, when futures ARE being rewritten. These can strike, it seems, at any time- busy or not- when a deep, but nebulous knowing springs upon us. This sounds more like the lovely quote you gave- a thought from the Unknown unfolds within us and there is no escaping it!


    PS – Love the line “living hatchery…”

    • Gracious those times when we are gifted the remembering that we are the whole ocean we allow our self to see! For me, then it is like trying to fit the entire Pacific in front and around my house back into the drinking cup that my little body of M seems to be. At times I think that little ol’heart of M will plum burst at the seams! Might be the feeling of the singularity knocking on it’s home turf in our awareness 🙂 .

      Kenshō or satori or the little golden droplet of radiance 🙂 ever lurking on the horizon…what a wonderful thing to allow remembering when we set self adrift.

      Our hatchery was a fun way to tie in and honor “The Egg”. It is a song that I think contains the elements for the perfect soundtrack to score that hope filled being place within the at other moments still lost vibe. It is M as the drop of water remembering she is that whole horizon of ocean (without needing a trip to a padded room that is -lol).

      Thanks M!

  2. The blank slate of a future, or the wide open road with no direction home, can be frightening.
    I would say that the older I get, the easier that state gets.
    Hatchery is a great way to imagine it. Something is trying to be born.

    You describe it well M. Happy sailing!

    • Thanks D. We are birthing the memory of something we have never not been! How funny to think about being home when we never actually ever leave! The illusion of sailing home is a wonderful thing to do with stunning minds like yours along for our shared rides! -x.M

  3. That amnesia… trying to remember a dream. A vague, hazy sense that I have forgotten something but just cannot pull it back up to the conscious level. At times, though, I also get lost in contemplating the possibility that there is no meaning to anything and I’m not going anywhere and I will cease to exist when I stop breathing. Either way…..

    • Oh, yes the fogginess…and I love your little “either way” addendum. 🙂

      “There was a young man who said though, it seems that I know that I know, but what I would like to see is the I that knows me when I know that I know that I know.” Alan Watts.

      In these times for me, it is leaving the ideas of “me” and the focus of doing and letting the “I” be in the drivers seat of living as me. As I have already had a few peeks around the corner at the I that remains when the me stops breathing, I can say from my experience it does cease to exist in this experience of separated form and I had the sense that the I became what I really is and that is the whole sea! This is where we get into living Buddha nature territory with that systems discussion of ātman. It is consciousness ceasing to exist as S & M and returning to home within the whole alphabet. The more I can be the whole alphabet creating the living of the life that appears to be just M, the more I allow our heaven now on earth. This letting M go for me, still leaves me feeling a bit lost a sea from time to time.

      Lovely to have a quick hello and check in with you as S here 🙂 . -x.M

  4. My bathtub boat is bobbing along at a time that feels wide open yet again – yet again and again, on the precipice of the abyss. How helpful your view – as I feel from skin to core my moments of discomfort! Throughout my life riding on this ocean brings a familiar discomfort, and you stir into the big, ocean pot: allowance.

    Sometimes, up swims a school of naughty fish, on their way to pleasure island, fast talking me into a side trip. Some part of me remembers how being lost at land is what passes for real life and purpose – But being lost at sea is actually the real deal!

    I continually ask for the courage to not draw up the ocean charts and plot my course. What can I create from the great sea of unknowing without a plan or even a firm grip on the oars? I’m learning – or should I say, unlearning.

    M! – Thank you for a watery listen and heart sonar knowledge of the other bobbing boats just out of my sight –

    land ho? no, thanks!

    xoxoxoxox! m

    • Permission to come aboard cap’n? 🙂

      Such love is found swirling around the edges of the drains of that disillusionment, discomfort and despair.

      Circumstances throw challenges on the path, yet I continue walking to my mail box and find the beauty of the unknown new dreams past the discomfort coming true…all beautifully recorded on little pieces of the heart of friendship that have been woven and turned into the most stunning books of paper. I get to have the heart of a M made real in the world graceing the sacred spot near my bed. N and I are so blessed to have had you find us in the tribal flotilla.

      Hear that little hum and rumble in what seems oncoming storms on the horizon? These are tell noises of some big mind aircraft carriers of consciousness sending out their recon missions high overhead…as we float, we are fine tuning the heart to receive and hear their coded reports about what can clearly be seen now around and coming just up ahead.

      The moments when we are the most alone and feeling lost now are the most important and precious ones. The bottles of truth find us and we are reminded that we are just mapping to the edge of doom where the depth of love lives.

      Shiver me timbers M. I will swab the deck of discomfort into the depths of love with you any day 🙂 .


  5. Don’t be lost at sea! Be the lightbeacon! 🙂

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