Drinking Love

This evening I am celebrating having awakened still being in the land of the living by drinking in the cornerstone of that life lived, which for me is most definitely:

Love Stone foundation

And in reality, I am actually drinking in Love today, as well.  NO, really!


Love is a tincture tea I just discovered on a field trip to do a tasting at a new tea house I visited here on the Oregon coast.  It is a Townsend Tea herbal tonic and tincture creation they serve and sell loose from this Portland based brew house and I am happy to report, it is simply divine.

Love loose tealoose Love

L.Love  By Townsend Teas

Bee pollen, cacao, chicory, cinnamon, clove, damiana, greenbush, passionflower, rooibos, rose petals and vanilla extract.

beauty of the brew scruptious aesthetics of the strain love in living color

This tea is touted as a mind tonic and mild aphrodisiac and with a name like Love, with such a color in a cup, how could it not be?!  I am happy to report that the pleasant feeling of the return of rose colored glasses is definitely present at the pallet upon the sipping as well.

Sending out honey coated squeezes to all you reading who are sipping in the love in life today, too.



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5 thoughts on “Drinking Love

  1. Looking for a stranger to love? Cross your i s and dot your t s 😉 . Look in the rear view mirror, brew a cuppa and drink in the bad ass habits of love 🙂 with me. (And enjoy a sip while you listen.)

    LOVING listening to the Kooks while imbibing Love. Looking at my idea of self and loving what I see.

  2. Sounds so yummy M! I love a good to cup of tea.

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