Riding a quick wave of that special kind of feeling crazy that only ever surfaces in the velvety darkness of being half awake in the middle of the night.  It is the special state where little thought monsters stretch their aching bones and start to do their rain dance, bringing storm clouds to the corners of mind.

Little random towers of word structures (masquerading as real ideas) blow in on the wind and rather than swat them away, I dance off into them, taking flight into embracing this crazy lady of the night.

Throw those thought dogs a bone.  Do a little dance to corral the crazy.  Then fully grounded once again, go back to sleep.

We used to go
Where no one dared to go
And now you chase the dragon on your own

She used to suck the fun out of me

Beware the dog who’s selling songs about defeat
Begging for love but you’re old enough to know better than you know
You hate so much and you’re better off alone

We used to walk where the wild things grow
We used to go where the cool kids go
But now you’re just too lazy

We used to joke and it felt like gold

Beware the ghost who lives on Salamander Road
Trapped in a cloud of smoke
It’s old enough to know better than it knows
Ate so much you better leave that prick alone

But now you’re f*cking crazy
Crazy crazy crazy…

…and it is celebrating the craziness of life in the middle of the night with one last big  WOOH!




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10 thoughts on “Wooh!

  1. in the dark of the night –
    minutes stretch out on rubber bands,
    that will not snap,
    until the first bird is heard.

    Here I am, to celebrate with you

    the ushering in of this new day – and the

    dispelling of the thought cities into
    tall rays of light.


  2. I had one of them nights last night. Celebrating with you M!

  3. I am reminded of how syrupy the late night brainwaves become, like basking in your own Wonderland. The night has a rhythm all its own. I loved your description of the little thought monsters and their rain dance. Hopefully you awoke to a rainbow… if you eventually did go to sleep… 🙂

    And Marga’s poem… wow…


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