Ending in Wisdom

It is funny these things we use called words.  Last night I started a post with a sentence containing the word “evening”.  As I was looking at the word when I typed it, in my minds eye something interesting happened:

even – ing

The letters split.

(Woo Woo alert 🙂 )
Is there a secret code gifted from the universe, embedded in the very words we use to describe our reality…put there specifically to help remind us?  Can turning certain words into the lived action they describe help us live happier and more peace filled lives?

Much has been said about creating ones day* (will also link video in comments) in the beginning minutes of awakening in the morning, but what about ending the day?  Is there a similar power available in the evening to close the loop on what was created?

even  e·ven


1.  level; flat; without surface irregularities; smooth: an even road.
2.  on the same level; in the same plane or line; parallel: even with the ground.
3.  free from variations or fluctuations; regular: even motion.
4.  uniform in action, character, or quality: to hold an even course.
5.  equal in measure or quantity: Add even amounts of oil and vinegar.

Even-ing in the evening.  Hum…?  Definitely something to think about formalizing in the life flow.

Even-ing.  What a powerful way to end the day!

To sit purposefully and honor that day’s creations with the sinking of the sun, using observation and review aimed at an even-ing out of that day’s living.  It is to tend to the ending of the day as we wrap the events around us with understanding, acknowledgment and gratitude for what has been as they slip quietly into what is now our past.  What a wonderful little place in the flow of our day to day living of life for time focused on wisdom generation! Because what is wisdom if not knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as it is used and gained in actions lived

saling timeformal linking of past present and future!

So it is even-ing a as nice little evening ritual and “spiritual” practice…

…to sit with a cup of tea and to be present with the events of the day in memory looked at past the events of the day themselves, but with a focus specifically for their deeper meanings.  It is to do some mental even-ing out in the mind for the part of the journey now already traveled.

What a precious way to address an ending linked to the clock when we reach the little bit of time in what remains of the day and find wisdom waiting.

– – – – – –

For a continuation on these thoughts: thoughts on ENDING wisdom


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13 thoughts on “Ending in Wisdom

  1. ::
    * creating your day introduction:

  2. Thanks for this M. So cool to see and hear a word in a completely new way.

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  4. This is beautiful and I love it. Even-ing has always been my sweet spot, where peace and grace seem to set upon me. (I mean, when I’m not making dinner and wiping noses and breaking up little people fights and whatnot…) 😉 I do like the idea of evoking a ceremony of sorts, even a silencing and stilling of the body and mind, and performing the mental ritual of gratitude, contemplation, and prayer. (Prayer is a funny word with so many heavy burdens attached, but I still like it, a song out to the universe, finger tips reaching out and touching the Sacred.) Your post reminded me of a poem by John O’Donohue, which is rather long, so I shall try to link to it here rather than typing it out:

    (Apologies for not knowing how to make that a live link!)

    I feel inspired, like this is just what I have been needing to create a sacred space and honor day-to-day living, like each day creates a beautiful gift, and each night it is wrapped tenderly in the most lovely shades of paper. Thanks M!

    • You are a sister of the poet’s heart. I am deeeeeeeeeeeeeeply in love with John. He speaks to me on the wind as I stand at the edge of the coast. I miss him terribly in the humanoid form. I had not made it yet to this blessing, so what a gift from the heart of A to have it be such a blessing on expanding into such eloquence my rougher thoughts on the same. (This is not a put down on myself, rather a celebration of your divine eye and depth of share from it as you gift me an evolution of our voices).

      I find the only prayer I can pray these days is one of gratitude for the courage to allow what was, is and will to be.

      A little share from my “gathering to Tenbrae” in the twilight light on the hotel room wall:
       photo toucingcoloredwallpaperoftwilight.jpg

      I have now called this little piece “touching wallpaper of twilight”. I had texted this picture to N (who I was missing at the moment I took it earlier tonight). I was getting the sunset in LA a hour before him in OR tonight…touching the fading colored light that would still be shining on and touching him at home. Heart happy to have you share your inspiration and I name the piece in your honor. -x.M

  5. I love this realization, Maren. I just started re-reading a Stranger in a Strange Land last night, so my thoughts are fully colored thereby. But in a delightful synchronicity, I believe you have described precisely what is meant by “grokking” in that amazing story. In case you are unfamiliar, a human child raised by Martians (which in many ways are Heinlein’s purveyors of advanced culture) is returned to Earth, but finds things so strange he is overwhelmed by even the simplest interactions of the day. He stores the experiences and then goes later into a meditative state so he can “grok” them, which is like “re-living” them to take them fully and gratefully into his being… I am inspired by this post as well. A beautiful realization and a powerful way to take the swirling emotional roller coaster of the day and pull it back together into a peaceful little star…


    • THE NEST THE NEST!!! (M says this in her head with a little voice tipping toward sounding like Tattoo’s from “Fantasy Island” 🙂 )

      Oh gracious M, you have hit on a biggy for me.

      BEFORE I had even met my husband in person (it was in the early email/skype days) he referenced “grokking” in talking with me and told me I must read “Stranger In a Strange Land”. I was out on the road working at the time without the ability to get to a book store. This is the truth: THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!! after talking to him someone left the book on the plane and I found it when we were cleaning. 🙂 MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC

      Grokking you baby…all the way to the nest…all the way home.

      Sync sync and tag, you are it!


      • What a great story! It has been close to twenty years since I read it the first time, and I don’t remember it too well beyond the general overall plot, but am loving it. I am blown away, actually, by so many sentiments that that dovetail with my own of today. One aspect I really love is that Heinlein’s projections into an advanced future are not merely technological, but ethical and moral, and in many ways beyond the grip of materialism that can so often put bounds on what is science fictional… Really great stuff. I haven’t made it up to the nest part yet, but am looking forward to it. I look forward to meeting you there… 🙂


      • Yes yes, the beauty of an example of living from love unconditional where it is only the expression of sharing in actions that changes, but the core way of being with each other in feeling is exactly the same. We meet in “the nest” and love each other like the family that we all are (NOTE: need not always (or ever) be in any physical demonstration at all…clarifying addendum added specifically lest spouses of the world raise a collective eyebrow. Want to make sure if your precious lady reads here that she knows that it is coming from the place of pure, brother M 🙂 ). -x.M

    • BTW, current on the road reading material which made the precious weight cut into my luggage:

       photo currentroadread.jpg

      Just grabbed a snap from it’s bedside table location which was a placement mistake on my part. I CANNOT start to read before trying to sleep as I am finding it hard to put down (lol).

      xou for this M!


      • Hope you got the needed dosage of dreamtime, and I do hope you enjoy the Murakami.



      • Just made it to the first official visit in the story which would help the reader tounderstandwhythiswritingwouldbehappening. Loving it.

        If the living sewing is seen as beautiful, it is because the eye that is perceiving it is, too. Right back at ya. -x.M

  6. Wonderful additional layers… thank you Bert. FLOWERS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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