Feeding The Soul


“If thou of fortune be bereft,
and in thy store there be but two
loaves left, sell one, and with the
dole, buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”

John Greenleaf Whittier


What is on the top of your grocery list when you go to the market?  How often is it things that feed your soul?  For me, my senses are a way back in to remembering our truths.   So what I see and gather physically around me in this light, is my soul playing through creativity manifest in the world.


One thing that has always fed my soul is flowers.  I don’t usually have anything too expensive or fancy in my physical home.  Just a few tea roses in little sacred containers, scattered to catch my eye on in the space I inhabit.  To catch my eye and remind me….

soul foodblossoming

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

-Anais Nin


I love it when people tell me they can’t afford to have fresh flowers very often.  I always tell them I personally can’t afford not to.  And every time someone stops me in the grocery store to tell me how beautiful the flowers I am buying are, I always pull a stem out and give it to them to take home…to remind them of  where they live inside themselves… as a little gift and thank you in return for seeing M as the flowers that we all are 😉 .
When we are aware, there is always room in every budget for what helps us feed our souls, those external objects which help us with remembering our truth.

Just living is not enough.
One must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower.
-Hans Christen Anderson

– – – – – –

The header picture is one I found that led to this incredible artist with the little pieces of soul that flowers be.  In my dream world, there is a little stand/table/niche/alcove/spot in every room of the cottage of my heart and on/in each is one of these beautiful creations.  They take my breath away.

ranunculus ranunculus with friendsranuculus taking a bow

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8 thoughts on “Feeding The Soul

  1. Your fruit and flower arrangement is lovely. It speaks to me of the Everything that is in each seemingly little thing. Reminds me of the magnitude of abundance one can find in just one pear… 🙂


    • Yes, yes just the pear and then just the eye that can see it as well. All the external fluff and “stuff” pointing back inward to the fullness of the abundant void, empty inside at home. -x.M

    • Just read this today:
      “What’s your favorite thing about your mother?”
      “She loves life more than anyone I’ve ever known. I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you this, but recently she’s had some health problems. And her health got so bad at one point, she called me and said: ‘I was starting to wonder if there was any reason to go on. But then I had the most delicious pear!'” (Humans of NewYork)
      The mother and daughter were pictured – the mother leaning on her walker was wearing a colorful, exotic dress, a bright twinkle in her eye.

  2. Amanda on said:

    Thank you for this reminder! I was mourning the loss of my peonies. I look forward to their return every June, but this year our incessant storms destroyed every last one. I didn’t get a single bouquet. Today I think I’ll go buy myself a stem or two. 🙂

    • Heart happy to find inspiration is infectious. The peonies are a beautiful reflection of your love made real in the world…that you have organized life to be able to grow your own is such an amazing thing!!! We could think about how the energy of the plant is going to have been conserved due to the storms this year and that there is now extra juju saved up to put towards next years blooming being even that much more appreciated and spectacular.

      Grateful for the hello and share here. -x.M

      PS have always loved the ways ants and peonies work together!

  3. Amanda on said:

    My apologies for the extremely late reply. I didn’t see it until just now!

    I LOVE the way ants and peonies work together! I always do this slow little spinning dance as I create a new bouquet…twirling all the little ants off, back into the dirt, gently enough not to hurt them or the petals. So funny you thought of them too.

    Thank you for articulating such an encouraging way to honor my garden. It brings me such joy. To hear it described in your voice just adds another layer of richness to it. Deep bow of respect to you M!

    • No worries on timing. It is always perfect. In fact, I was just taking pictures of the sun that was finding the flowers in my house. There is a little strip of light (like a spotlight) that comes at sunset and over the passing of days has been making it’s way around our living space downstairs. The setting sun has shifted away from hitting the dinning table area and now is making it’s way back across the kitchen bar as the days grow shorter and the sun is heading south again. Watching the light move day to day in the rooms we live in is one of the joys that feeds my soul. This is our first summer in this space so it is fun to watch the dance happen.

      I have not organized my life right now to be able to have a garden of my own. Too much motion is being asked of me. I did do a few “instant” containers this year though…and there is a small stream by the side of the house which I hike buckets of water up from when I have time as the house water is on a beach community seemingly extra chlorinated system. The flowers have not been too happy with that water.

      I have future dreams of a little potager plot with kitchen herbs and a small area planted with cutting flowers with staggered bloom times to provide a bit of color for the house spring-summer-fall. One day again when the call of the road has quieted, I am pretty sure that N and I will disappear into this little cottage somewhere with a walled garden. Until then, I love the share of what is happening from yours.

      movement of sun (last month it was hitting the dinning table at the same time of day!)
       photo summersunsetonroses.jpg

      roses with the kitchen light on…too beautiful not to share a close up of -perfect mirror of the yellows and oranges of our recent summer coastal sunsets…no special florist needed as the soul is fed all for low price of $9 🙂 courtesy of FredMeyer (closest big grocery store to us)
       photo summersunsetroses.jpg

      abracadabra and instant green!
       photo abra.jpg
       photo cadabra.jpg

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