Hidden in Plain Sight

What do you see in this picture?


Could it be a reminder about the frontal lobe of the human brain and how it works in helping us experience reality?

our role

what do we see adams brain


Living Human Brain:

N0036750 Intracranial recording for epilepsyView from my office while working (!?!):

life on the planetIs something hidden in plain sight?

I do not put forward everything shared on this blog as truth.  Rather, I offer up this space for ideas to be shared as our understanding of what could be hidden in plain sight expands.


(Yes, I know it is long.  However I found there were many really good juicy thought nuggets to chew over!)


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4 thoughts on “Hidden in Plain Sight

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  3. Working my way along, days behind and right on time, slowly, savoring the curriculum that waits for me and keeps me company in my own unfolding! Thank you for opening the flood gates, M! We are creating anew how we can talk, share, teach, connect, schooooooool from the melted bits of pure potentiality at our fingertips/dendrites. xoxoxo! m

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