Recently my husband looked deeply into my eyes asked me the following question (and he was completely dead serious about it):



My very serious answer in return (at this stage of the game):

WHO (and what 🙂 ) AM I NOT?

Jewelry, chocolates, flowers and books of poetry monumentally pale in comparison to the gift that a question like that is coming from a husband who really wants to know the answer with you.  It is a profound love letter stunningly wrapped up in one question.

God, how I love that man.

Here comes the sun 😉 . It is a true romance as we remember together.

– – – – –

Truly understanding yourself (and thereby others and the world around -as you 🙂 ), is the greatest gift and miracle we can ever give.



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9 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Not to diminish in any way the fishes and the loaves, but I think the miracles of Jesus in the physical, tangible external realm where all about pointing a finger at what it takes on the inside to gain access to the ability to interact with the external reality in that way to begin with. First one must understand and become the heart of Christ to ever be truly effective acting as the hand of Christ. …Just a random thought that is popping up from my very precious heritage as it touches up against the eastern views available on this beautiful planet of ours. -x.M

  2. For some additional discussion, for those who are interested in following the Shanga (community shared) trails here, I pre-shared this video in a comment in this post: Micheal from Embracing Eternity so graciously is helping us expand in understanding. Greatest gift we can be given. -x.M

  3. Hi dear M. I again want to say how I admire your gift for writing AND then finding the perfect video with it!!! It blows my mind every time. Amongst many thing YOU ARE my SISTA of the internet REALM…May the force always be ya!!! P x

  4. ‘Here comes the sun’

    Must it take another to bring the sun out M? Some say this is true, and yet I wonder why they insist on as much.

    H ❤

    • With a bit of a time crunch at the moment, I will quickly say that the short answer is no, not at all.

      On good days I can feel in my bones that we are each just harden light from home, full of perfection and contentment 🙂 in each moment to the next with whatever is (or is not) in front of our noses in relation to another. However, there is a social component to these bio-body suits that brings on a failure to thrive when there is not enough contact with other skin in some loving way or another when we are younger, so…

      There is that mirror, mirror on the wall aspect that helps double the eyes available to see through the illusions quicker as that mirror begins melting Matrix movie stylie. It is nice to not walk through the crazy alone at times. I am going to do a quick cheat and send you to a few words shared before, but related all the same.

      Not needed at all, but in my case, I could feel “another” coming way before he did, and when he arrived it was like looking at my “self” in the mirror only seeing a male Mancunian reflected back :)!


      – – – – –
      bit more of the back story offered up as well, and as always, feel no obligation to have to read a thing 🙂

      • À chacun son gout, as the Germans say. [trans. ‘each person has gout’]

        There was/is one ‘love of my life’ so-called; though they never did nor do provide other aspects of affection and mirroring that for me, two departed dogs once did (and still do in a saudadian way 😉 ), and a single offspring and two grandchildren of my own continue to.

        I also have in the recent past lost one grandchild, though that is a different matter and not germane here, other than to say that I wrote the book you so kindly purchased as a curiously styled benefaction in his memory.

        Many thanks for responding so generously M; I followed the trailing links with interest.

        H. ❤

      • It is a honor to get a share of a few of the precious details of the life of H behind such astute and eloquent shares in the electronic world. “God is in the details” -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: His furniture and buildings are so incredibly beautiful in their powerful simplicity. It is the little details that seem appropriate to offer, which make the shared story pop off the page and come to life on deeper levels for me. Appreciate your willingness to give peeks in.

        I had caught the poignant dedication at the start of your book. Oh how we miss the warmth of physical hugs, while we remember how they occur in the heart in an even closer and more profound way after physical passing (very simplistic statement, but one left as a little hug in words from me to you for such a challenge for any family to walk through).

        It is raining here today where I live and it is the perfect setting to cuddle inside, continuing my read of your book with my fur family member (my first ever pet) who now at age 18, is just like a little old man complete with inability to hear anymore, but other than that is in pretty good health at the moment (fingers crossed). He is lovingly appreciated at least 20 times a day for his gift of presence, Zen living wisdom of stretching and meditating (napping 🙂 ) lots and continued ability to create a warm spot on my belly which is where he will curl up when I am reading in an angle of repose on the sofa.

        A few thoughts shared featuring the fur family member(s):
        Luke holding down the fort this morning
         photo lushishnessofLuke.jpg

      • Very many thanks for your thoughts and further insights M.

        H. ❤

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