Good Day

Today.  It is just another day gone by.  Nothing special.

Or was it?

There has never been any other day like today was and there never will be another like it again.  There is only ever one today, and upon deeper reflection, I think that fact makes today extraordinary and very, very special.  And following along that line of thinking, what then happens to yesterday and tomorrow, too?!

One thing that happened to me on my today (meaning the day I am writing this):  I met tropical storm Arthur, and introductions were made eye to eye.  We said hello as parts of the storm brewed at 39,000 feet somewhere between the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos:


window at work

Arthur awakening

somewhere over Turks and CiacosBREATHTAKINGLY beautiful

All the flights scheduled to leave after ours today were cancelled.  My flight was one of the last able to safely squeak though the area.  This is one way to truly see the riders on the storm and be put to the test of living what that can mean.  (thank you Jim for providing a little soundtrack to play my thoughts to 🙂 )


So, even with Arthur brewing and all the drama that storms do bring those who choose to live life while flying (applying the wisdom of Brother David), it still was a good day today.   How could it not have been?  How can it be any other way than the way we decide it is?

What do you see when you look into the center, right into the heart of your day and find storms coming?  I try to remember that when having the courage to live straight on, eye to eye, it is always beautiful.  It is always a good day.



Dearest Reader,

You are now reading this post today (whatever day it is that is your current today when you find these words).  I hope it is a good day for you, too.  If you find upon reflection that this is not completely so, find a patch of sky and look up when next you get the chance.

Do you really realize that you will be the only human being on this entire planet to have ever seen the sky look just like that, just right then from right where you are?!  How incredible is that?  You decide.

(And for those of you who feel so inclined, share a picture of your one and only ever like that sky view today, whenever today it is.  We would love to see the view from the spot that you live.   Just link it in the comments below…all it takes is uploading it to, and pasting a link from something like a free account)


PS.  With all the traveling that I do, I am often no more than 10 to 20 miles from where many of you who engage with me here are located…only my visit is made usually over just a bit and WAY up.  I often think of you and give a little wave when I fly over.  Next time you see a plane in your patch of sky, wave back.  You never know, it might just contain me 🙂 ! xx

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17 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. ‘Next time you see a plane in your patch of sky, wave back.’

    But they’ll lock me up if I do that won’t they? Please advise.

      • YES! Was that you in the flower print with plaid pant dancing the rimba as you marshelled us in? Caught the thumbs up and btw, you look absolutely divine! Ground crew is incredibly important in this thing called living the human life. We all take turns taking to the air and then helping each other transition back to the ground. Many have the lingo down, but it is a joy to find those who make it fun, too. -x.M

      • Brilliant. Glad you liked the attire.

    • Hello Hariod! How fun to find you checking in here.

      As I am one who can often be found spontaneously breaking into dance moves on street corners and while pushing the shopping cart (trolley) at the market when a dance worthy tune comes on, I may not be in a position to advise you as the powers that be always find me odd already 🙂 . I would say, find your current comfort zone with spontaneous emoting of joy and then just consciously push against the edges of it a bit. Do it with a smile. If your intent is to connect and share that spot of joy, by say waving at airplanes, I think you will be safe. I have never heard of anyone actually being hauled away for inspiring contagious playfulness. Great example of what I am on about can be found here:

      Now, if you are trying to contact the pilots of the plane using the fillings in your teeth as transmitters, now that is another story -lol.

      Thanks for joining the connections here. Participation is never required, but always appreciated. -x.M

      • ‘ . . . spontaneous emoting of joy . . .’ I only wish I could, but I’m English and we really don’t approve of that sort of thing over here. Even when I wave to you as you fly over there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to be seen. Then again, being bombed with love sounds okay . . .

      • Being married to a beautiful Brit, I get this. But when we are waking up, there is no such thing as hiding anymore 🙂 . The love that you are glows so brightly that you cannot help but be seen. You can be seen without making a scene though. There is an art to this that is just about sharing a smile and the joy of a moment. We are all working on this. -x.M

      • Sure; that’s all understood. Preferences still form though . . . ❓

  2. As an avid lover of sky beauty, and one who is blessed to drive to and fro work in the rurals of Willamette Valley, Oregon, and who also takes her friends, such as M, with her, I have been waving back, and I don’t hope, but know that she sees me.

    Happy trails M,

    • You are so seen an are appreciated! To find those precious souls who will engage and share their findings like you do D is a precious thing. NEVER feel pressure to have to do so as at times the desire to enfold and focus on quiet for a bit can be beneficial as well, but when you do feel the pull to post and reply, it flies with me, too! Rumination gifts can be some of the best ever and I agree that the sky can be a wonderful spot to cast contemplation against.

      Your Willamette Valley patch is a stunner to be sure.


  3. not to walk down memory lane, but this connects so closely to an epiphany along my way…at one rock bottom climb out of a pit, once, I was given some insights/downloads that helped carry me through – and one was of the sky. I remember watching the clouds and thinking, if this is the only thing I can do, watch the sky, then I will forever more see beauty and change – a constant flow of original art, ever changing, always visible – and that will be enough for me. And I laughed because it occurred to me that I was hanging on to the sky for dear life. This is my snapshot of the sky in words – the sky saved me once and does so continually – for once one learns how to hang on to the sky – it is a short trip out from there 🙂 What power and beauty from your work windows. Hang on! xoxo! m

    • What an incredible snap shot, indeed. I got a huge hit on reading the sentence “hanging on to the sky for dear life”. POWERFUL stuff that.

      If you catch a fragrance of the unseen,
      like that, you will not be able
      to be contained.
      You will be out in empty sky.

      Any beauty the world has, any desire,
      will easily be yours.

      As you live deeper in the heart,
      the mirror gets clearer and cleaner.

      MT of the tribe lost at sea realized
      God in herself.
      When that happens,
      you have no anxieties about losing anyone
      or anything. You break the spells
      that human difficulties cause.

      Interpretations come, hundreds,
      from all the religious symbols
      and parables and prayers.

      You know what they mean,
      when the presence of the sky lives through you.

      -Rumi (&M)

      I reach out and touch the face of God in so many ways through the words you share with the world. See you on the wing again soon.


      • little wave out to M, as I fight a bit of sleeplessness. Wonderful gift to receive your/rumi’s words in the night, with its longish minutes. Now for another try at shut eye 🙂 xo.

  4. So in regards to those love bombs you and Hariod mentioned, would you think in lieu of hand-waving, were we to say, construct a bonfire from fallen trees, launch incandescent flares into the night sky and transmit coordinates to the pilots along with the key phrase “fire for effect”, that we would be going too far???


    I’ll note that I have often thought of you when seeing the airplanes fly over. And of course, whether it’s the right plane or not, thoughts get where they need to go, no? Then after a little while my knees and back start twitching, and I start plotting to make a bonfire out of those ten-ton armored carry-on “luggage pieces”. Gets out of hand rather quickly. I rest upon my much earlier comments about the saintliness of your chosen profession… 🙂


    • I love it. There is a line in the movie “Out of Africa” that talks about lighting bon fires in Denmark so a loved one in Africa can see to find their way. I have always treasured that little way to connect idea. The nest moves in mysterious ways and I have felt the love flow in the many forms it can be offered up. Appreciate the creativity, powerful thought and insightful words shared from your corner of the world. It makes the movement in mine all that much richer and enjoyable.

      Humans and our baggage test me all the time. When the fire comes from within, I have found the sparks can rekindle the direction of glimpses of peace amongst that luggage which gets carried on and carried out in the holy spaces which can be our cathedrals in the sky. Thanks Michael. You help hefting the weight that much lighter with your generosity and willingness to share. -x.M

  5. Silly question maybe, but do you work on a plane? I was flying a few times last week and had your photo of the storm in my mind and made a picture for you from the German sky.
    I’m Dutch and Spanish, I’ll wave at you sometimes…People think I’m crazy anyway, so a wave more or less won’t harm my reputation! LOL P x

  6. I love the egg photo by the way!!! I admire your M post layout! P x

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