Coming Home

Want to remember what it is to be completely at home inside yourself?

Take a moment the next chance you get and really look deeply into the eyes of a new human being who has recently arrived on this planet…those new humans who are old enough to be looking around in the world that they now find themselves, but who have not yet been programed with any words, concepts and experiential limitations.

Doing this for me this gifts the utter clarity of “being” in focus, even if only for a moment.

I personally cannot share an exchange like this with a child without tears of joy spontaneously arising in me.  I always end the experience with a huge energetic hug of thank you to the new little being and a verbal greeting of “welcome to the adventure”, spoken out loud so that any parent present can grok the intention behind my time spent staring into the eyes of their child.

What a joy to remember who you are in the mirror these beings of purity provide.  What a joy to remember how it is to come home to the purity that you still are.


Are you doubting everything about you
To be found
Everything I own can be taken and sold,
I don’t care
I don’t care
All that glitters and gold when you leave it’s all over
Come with me, let’s go home
You can lead, I will follow

Are you doubting everything about you
To be found
Everything I own can be taken and sold,
I don’t care
I don’t care
I’ve been longing for you in the morning,
Everything I know it’s forgotten as we are alone
Ooh oh oh oh


– – – – – – –

And for any parent out there who may still struggle from time to time interacting with the master teachers that they have called to themselves on the day in and day out basis, you are never alone in this.  I came across this beautiful example of one who is learning to take care of herself as she discovers it also is one of the best gifts she can ever give her children as she includes them in the process as well.  But, mind the gap, mums and dads because as parents, the choices we make and the steps we take are the ones that our children will also first try to follow.  We can only offer our children who and what we currently know we are…doing the dance of love to the depth we can by our example and example and evolving example 🙂 .



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4 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Great mother-daughter-son dance video, M. I am humbled. Nothing more to say… 🙂


  2. L and I have just minded our friends baby boys twins for a week. I just said a few days ago to L, how those boys are such old souls. They just returned from were we come from over and over again!? So I love to have come home and find this M post! P x

  3. And OMG what a magical baby indeed! I love the hair!!! I can image you got inspiration from this being! P x

  4. Auto focus theme! It only took me 2 years to find the words! 🙂 better late then never! P x

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