Victorious Ones

This is the post I read right before heading to bed just now:  X

And this is where my book mark was left in the book on the bedside table which I then picked up after reading that post upon heading to bed…reading done to set my dream time in motion with intent (after reading you will understand why I had to get up and write this quickly):

The Sky And The Clouds

So whatever our lives are like, buddha nature is always there.  And it is always perfect.  We say that not even the Buddhas can improve it in their infinite wisdom, nor can sentient beings spoil it in their seemingly infinite confusion.  Our true nature could be compared to the sky, and the confusion of the ordinary mind to clouds.  When we are down on the ground, looking up, it is very difficult to believe there us anything else there but clouds.  Yet we only have to fly in a plane to discover up above a limitless expanse of clear blue sky.  From up there the clouds we assumed were everything seem so small and far away down below.

We should always try and remember: the clouds are not the sky, and do not “belong” to it.  They only hang there and pass by in their slightly ridiculous and non-dependent fashion.  And they can never stain or mark the sky in any way.

So where exactly is this buddha nature?  It is in the sky-like nature of our mind.  Utterly open, free and limitless, is fundamentally so simple and so natural that it can never be complicated, corrupted, or stained, so pure that it is beyond even the concept of purity and impurity.  To talk of this nature of mind as sky-like, of course, is only a metaphor that helps us to begin to imagine its all-embracing boundlessness; for the buddha nature has a quality that they sky cannot have, that of the radiant quality of awareness.  As it is said:

It is simply your flawless, present awareness, cognizant and empty, naked and awake.

-Sogyal Rinpoche

No words can describe it
No example can point to it
Samsara does not make it worse
Nirvana does not make it better
It has never been born
It has never ceased
It has never been liberated
It has never been deluded
It has never existed
It has never been nonexistent
It has not limits at all
It does not fall into any kind of category
-Dudjom Rinpoche

Profound and tranquil, free from complexity,
Uncompounded luminous clarity,
Beyond the mind of conceptual ideas;
This is the depth of the mind of the Victorious Ones.
In this there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor anything that needs to be added.
It is merely the immaculate
Looking naturally at itself.
-Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche

-The Nature of Mind pg48, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche

And these are the pictures that were just sitting on my and my husband’s phones.  Mine taken just because the sky was so beautiful a few days ago and N’s taken because he found it beautiful that his wife would want to stop the car to take a picture of the sky.  The sky is just sitting there waiting to be again one day, and it turns out that day is now.

M’s picture of the amazing sky as seen from the field on the ground:

Ms picture of the amazing clouds


N’s snuck picture of M taking that picture of the sky:

Ns sneaked picture of M taking the picture of clouds

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.
-Rumi  and M adds:

And looking up from our prone position of observation laying in that field, we see the sky and remember everything.

Some nights life is just almost unbearably beautiful.  x

– – – – – – –

Been featured before, but well worth it again, love letters to and from that sky:

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5 thoughts on “Victorious Ones

  1. ~meredith on said:

    I see… now. 🙂

  2. A glorious beginning to my day, to be following the trails left in the night – and my own trail of looking for this poem I knew, but couldn’t find right away, which led me through some amazing scenery along the trails to here.
    Love you, love the sky! m


    There is a place where the town ends
    and the fields begin.
    It’s not marked but the feet know it,
    also the heart, that is longing for refreshment
    and, equally, for repose.

    Someday we’ll live in the sky.
    Meanwhile, the house of our lives is the world.
    The fields, the ponds, the birds.
    The thick black oaks—surely they are the
    children of God.
    The feistiness among the tiger lilies,
    the hedges of runaway honeysuckle, that no one owns.

    Where is it? I ask, and then
    my feet know it.

    One jump, and I’m home.


    • Chills chills chills. I am just reading this AFTER having made my response to Hariod including the picture of my special spot in Glastonbury (is in the Who Shows Up post). Marga, Mary and Hariod and I have the shivers of great joy at being one. -x.M

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