Awakening On My Airplane

In all honestly, on most days I think sending people to the following little video below could in one quick visual share summarize what I feel is happening on this amazing planet that we currently find ourselves revolving round and round on (:

here is to celebrating as we upgrade our bagpipes

(I nearly peed my pants laughing when my husband shared this with me this morning…our home in Portland, OR is about 5 blocks from here.  The only thing I would add to the outfit is white angel wings which would hopefully not catch fire as the concert continued…if I ever get married in a proper service in the future, this guy is so definitely going to be circling in the corner of the venue, playing the wedding march as I walk down the isle!)

We wake up one day from our deep sleep on the death star only to discover that the evil empire is our father and that those Hitler characters are not separate, distant relations, but a close and an intimate reflection of our shared family line.  What to do about this discovery?  What to do is the focus until we learn to ask how to be.

Then, there is that precious moment, that moment when the WTF??? reaction to it all has passed sufficiently enough within a focus on being, that all we can do anymore is laugh ourselves into the joyful tears shed for the weird and wonderful predicaments of our shared humanity.

Welcome to the view from my airplane as we practice taking off and touching down on this blog today.  This is the place I publicly share as we work our way backwards from our solo licenses, remembering we never lost the radio signals emanating from the mother ship in the first place.

Trying on this way at looking at flight, just what is then the mission of these human vessels? To seek out new ways of living, to boldly go where no woo-wo-man has gone before??? (sorry my husband is watching an old Star Trek episode** in the background in the living room as I type this!)

….well, possibly that is one answer…and if so, I am going there into the unknown collapsing polarity, complete with bagpipes in full on flame throwing mode.

Go big AND go home.

Welcome to the share from my little window at the back of the bus* today (yes I do my paid work mostly on Airbus’ airplanes).  I am so pleased to be awakening in my little vessel and finding you who are reading along for our shared flight for as long as you care to be.  Coca-cola and chips  (crisps 🙂 ) will be served as soon as we level off and I have time to get out the unicycle from the overhead bins in the back galley.

Take A Picture by Filter

(And when that first filter is love, oh how weird and wonderful what we see is  here on seeingM).

Awake on my airplane
Awake on my airplane
My skin is bare
My skin is THEIRS
Awake on my airplane
Awake on my airplane
My skin is bare
My skin is theirs
I feel like a newborn
And I feel like a newborn
Awake on my airplane
Awake on my airplane
I feel so REAL

I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in
In your sanctity
Your privacy
I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in
A hypocrisy
Could everyone agree that
No one should be left alone
Could everyone agree that
They should not be left alone yeah
And I feel like a newborn
And I feel like a newborn
Kicking and screaming


A big XO to all who choose to read and engage here.  I am so grateful to be writing and finding that we are never alone in the craziness found here.  May the force (of the field) be with you, too.




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16 thoughts on “Awakening On My Airplane

  1. ::
    **Here is the Star Trek episode that was being watched:

    N said it was pretty darn good.

  2. *And from the archive of every good sky godde….er um I mean flight attendant 🙂 :

    • That is one of the best compliments ever! (It ranks right up there with the time that someone told me I that I was nothing like my mother) -lol

      I paint the canvas of my life making strange abstract connection confections using words and snippets of music/video/life experience that float in to be observed on the breeze. The resulting shares can tend to lead someone to ask if I have taken something (legal or otherwise) or if I REALLY actually think the fillings in my teeth work as universal signal transmitters 🙂 . Answers being, I work in a random drug tested environment, so all my crazy is completely additive free and there are no signals from the teeth…really nothing usual (well other than an occasional piece of burnt toast with the hint of a picture of Jesus on it) ever appearing to me in my kitchen.

      I tend to forget how crazy looking abstractly at normal can be.

      Thanks H.

      • I liked that tune by ‘Filter’ by the way; my old body wobbled along to that one alright. Actually, I was just in the throes of sending the link for it to someone close to me, but far away, when I heard some words at 3.18 that for personal reasons meant I couldn’t. Still, what a great tune to take to the skies with in your magic bus M.

        Here’s to felines, canines, and abstract expressionist woo-women who girdle the globe in geometric patterns dispensing crisps 🙂 and love at every opportunity.

        You are the Macadamia Dame M; the nut-love supreme.

        H. ❤

        P.S. As an aside, a long time ago, my sister was a trolly-dolly with BA.

      • ~meredith on said:

        😀 😀 😀 >>> etc.

  3. M,
    Bagpipes will do that to you. Get out while you can. 🙂

    Much love,

    • Yes, is that not more Portland like than you can almost stand?! The crazy creativity of humanity gives me such delight and hope that we might just make it yet. -x.M

  4. Amanda on said:

    Ha! I’m sensing that your ‘crazy’ virus is becoming the new normal for many people. Excellent.
    So bring on the unicycles!

    • We have a dear friend who actually has mastered the ability to proficiently ride a unicycle. I was so happy to learn that this skill was not yet dead, but I did suggest that he waits until securing second dates before he brings this up on the laundry list of things one could contribute to an enriching relationship. But what do I know? He might just meet a woman who walks on stilts as a hobby in her free time. 🙂

      Ain’t the love of life and our endless possibilities for creativity grand?! -x.M

  5. Loved it, M. And I think maybe you picked the only Filter song suitable for this type of post… 🙂 The best I can do for a riposte is provide the lyrics below to the interlude from the song Welcome to the Fold… I am delighted to be here in the fold of Crazy.

    Mama give me my medicine
    Mama give me my medicine
    Mama give me my medicine
    The one that makes me feel taller
    Mama give me my medicine
    Mama give me my medicine
    The one that makes me feel tall like a tall tree
    Mama give me my medicine
    That makes me feel like a tall tree
    Mama give me my medicine
    That makes me feel like a tall tree
    Mama give me my medicine
    That makes me feel like a tall tree yeah yeah yeah yeah

    From where I see it, that medicine would of course… be Love.


    • Not that the ego needs to hear it, but I will say it anyway, this is perfection supplied in return to the crazy. Michael hits home at the center yet again, but how could h(w)e do anything other than that at the end of the day?!

      Thank you M!

  6. Lol cute! Gotta luv the flames 🙂
    Go big AND go home. Hear Hear – Attitude with gratitude!
    See ya in the stars :)*

    • Just last night watched “Only Lovers Left Alive”. I adore Tilda Swinton so do not mind that the movie itself had a few issues. However, I did finally hear the sound of that diamond star found in Centaurus sampled in the soundtrack to the movie. Being made up of the stuff of stars is a heady thing. Enjoy you diamond geezer you! (in England being a diamond geezer is a good thing having nothing to do with age 🙂 ). -x.M

      • Why thank you M, I’m not familiar with the movie but I do detect a spacious groove in the track, a heady thing indeed!
        I so enjoy British lingo, never heard that one before. 🙂
        Until next time, SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND♪ ♥

  7. Just love the video! It made me day! Hey!

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