Busting Myth & Mirage

 “The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings,
for it destroys the world in which you live….you exist as pure awareness, abide as that.”

_::-Nisargadatta Maharaj-::_

A few sugar fueled thoughts shared from reality today.


There is no karma.
Karma is a CONCEPT.



There is no other.
Other is a CONCEPT.



There is no Maren.
Maren is a CONCEPT.

As such, Maren is also a raspberry filled macaroon from Laduree today.

The world illusion of connected and separated melts, and ends life as I have known it.  However, as it does,  my mouth is one with what is…easy.  Problems?  A CONCEPT that melts away.

My awareness today is speaking with the reality of a raspberry tongue and I AM THAT (thank you thank you thank you to Tomas for sharing the finger pointing).  I am…listen, listened, listening.

 DEEP end dive done EASY as pie.  🙂


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21 thoughts on “Busting Myth & Mirage

  1. Will you hold my bag of concepts for a moment while I run into that phone booth? I promise I’ll be right back.

    Hey– where’s all the phone booths?

    What a silly concept, anyway. Gimme’ those.


  2. However, the idea of Love and Compassion is nifty if we can all put it to practice. Yes everything starts out as a conceptual thought vibration until we manifest it within the boundaries of our physical reality. That’s where spirituality hits the pavement 😉
    If everything stems from the ONE (projections of the ONE) and returns to the ONE (emptiness), then what can we possibly say? Language is only a construct based upon duality and conceptual thinking, a tool to interpret and function in our perceived reality. We think “thinking” is the conduit to conscious awareness but that is the original illusion from which mankind communicate to express instead of just being… ahh to be “a just being”.

    Thank you Maris for sharing these mind-bending illusory beliefs, or what “I” call reminders. With that, I’ll leave you with an Osho quote:
    “All dreams are substitutes and all thinking also, because thinking is dreaming while awake, dreaming is thinking while asleep. They are not qualitatively different, they are the same process. If you can understand dreaming, you will be able to understand thinking.”

    Understanding this “knowing” is not gonna help us, so it’s time to save the world, lol 🙂

    Let’s have tea, cheers☼

    • Oh M, hello hello! I AM LOVING WATT’S TEA BRAZIER (besides the eloquent words about our mess!). SO fun to have you check in here. I often set up a tea tray to share long distance with friends. This is the last one I set up to share and I know that Ms Marga of LifeAsImprov will be happy to have the moment shared with you as well. Yes, lets enjoy a lovely cuppa on a rainy day here in Oregon. -x.M

       photo flotillatea.jpg

      • Did I smell some raspberry cakes?! So nice to touch back down into a space with Maren and Maddy (for a coast to coast tea party)! I am much in need of remembering that if there no marga, there is no thing to fix and that – all will be well – and that often life serves up cake! (delightful pathways to all sorts of treasures found here today!) xo! m

      • Well how inviting, I’m honored to be your guest! I love sharing virtual tea, or anything virtual for that matter. 😀
        What a delightful tea ceremony, did you know in the past european dignitaries would often negotiate international policies over tea, certainly more civilized than how we approach politics today. If only humans can learn to “just sit”, “drink tea”, clean up after themselves. Liberation from self is just like that.☼
        Yes I do miss visiting you and Marga, I will make more time for blogging come fall. Till then, enjoy a most pleasantly dry aperitif. Cheers♥

      • ~meredith on said:

        oi! i am not far away, either… and marga! oh, i miss you. might i come too, maren? i can bring something, too. (can you believe the boldness, here? oi!) i may have lost my tea manners… ! ~m.

      • YOU ARE COMPLETELY WELCOME TO JOIN THE PARTY!!! There is always a seat saved for excellent people. Only manners needed come from heart felt desire to join the conversation and you have already done so graciously, courageously and with great beauty. -x.M

  3. Raspberries are my favorite! (One of them, anyway… 😉 ) Delightful post ~ with love, t.

    • One of my all time favorite memories of this lifetime is being barefoot in my pjs out in the raspberry patch of a garden with the early morning mist rising up off of a river picking raspberries to have with cream for breakfast. It was a magic magic magic (yes three seems excessive, but it was that good) moment for being human and being alive and being one with the nature that we are here on this magnificent planet. I currently have some raspberries in the fridge, and although they are not hand picked in such a way, I will be using them in a summer drink later today and when I do, I will raise a toast to you and Alia. -x.M PS last night I watched a movie that was partly set in Tangiers. I saw the blue paint on the wall and I knew what it meant! It made me think of you both as well. (Only Lovers Left Alive…not great for story, but lovely for set and Tilda Swinton time 🙂 ).

      • ~meredith on said:

        i loved the trailer for this movie so much I decided to rent it. ha! doesn’t come out until tuesday… or i could buy a “pre-release.” now how is it that i can buy something before it’s out… but only this way, or that way… it’s so silly i was gong on and on about seeing things that haven’t been seen before until i was (almost) politely told i could handle the wait. hmph! (i will absolutely be watching this movie this week, i can tell you that!)

        but. the other thing i wanted to say is how much i love our exchanges, reading your posts, and finding amazing messages in the comments. i kind of look like tilda (above) after reading some of your messages… very surprised and pale… but so happy as well. you write such lovely comments. they’re very meaningful and i do love them. thank you so much, maren. i hardly feel transparent at all, lately. 🙂 x. ~m

      • So hoped you enjoyed the show. Again, I did not enjoy it for deep meaningful story, but for tones and textures and sets.

        I work hard to feel and then speak what is felt. You delight M and I just wanted to make sure you know. -x.M

  4. What are concepts?

    • I love the paradox in that question!

      Even ‘concept’ is a concept and we use these other concepts in the form of certain words to attempt to describe and define. When Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj would teach, often he “would clench his fist, bang it on the floor and shout ‘Kalpana! Kalpana!’ which means ‘Concept! Concept!’ That would sometimes be the only answer the questioners would get. Maharaj was definitely not interested in massaging visitor’s concepts. He wanted people to drop them, not discuss them” I would say at this stage of the game that concept is what happens when love finds/creates/dreams an “I” to hang it’s hat on. TRUE love that is…not only the greeting card Valentine’s Day version. -x.M

      Little snippet of a cantankerous teacher in loving action 🙂

    • ~meredith on said:

      😀 😀 Hariod Brawn… concept?? (astute, surely.) ~m

      Delicious post, Marennot.

  5. M! M! So excited!

    You mentioned our fave little town Bradford on Avon the other day which reminded me to look up this:

    Guess what? There’s a photo of you, yes you M, in there looking coy as you wait for your buns to be warmed! [see bottom pic. 5th. from bottom]

    H. ❤

    • OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!!! In all actuality, the third picture from the bottom I just had my hubby look at as well and he agreed that it actually in the right light is a woman that could be a younger me… complete with frizzy (to curly on a good day) brunet hair and all! I am not joking, it is like looking at a bit of a doppelganger.

      BTW, we did not take tea at that fine establishment on our visit. N having been born and raised with that amount of delicious human history around him could not yet understand why I would constantly drool over all the wonky roof lines and walls. Now after seeing the offerings of scant over 200 years in the structures found in the USA, he completely gets it. I think the day I saw The Bridge, we went out to look at the gardens around a local estate instead. WE WILL RETURN FOR A VISIT ONE DAY AND H, TEA IS ON ME! 🙂 -x.M

    • Here is a quick peek at the younger M so you too can be astounded at the similarity in physicality. Spooky H…in that really cool we are all one way:


    • Gracious. Here is a more recent capture of harden light…in the harden light also in your neck of the woods. Face to the words can be fun, but ultimately irrelevant. Still sitting with that feeling that the woman in that picture could be “me”. Your little bit of fun has turned into a deliciously deep rabbit hole for “me” .

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