Dearness of Mysteries

Over the course of this summer, flowers lovingly planted and tended to have mysteriously been disappearing from my yard.  I am not at the stage of life where time spent on creating and maintaining a garden is a focus, but I have enjoyed adding a little bit of container color to the space around my home.  It was my way of showing love shared with my neighborhood in the form of a few little flowers put outside to enjoy.


However, (just like ego) flowers placed outside in containers take some care and attention to keep alive.  I had spent all this hard work this summer to “make” (ego ego ego alert -lol) things bloom, and yet this is color which slowly has been mysteriously vanishing.

And the ego sings as it dances out the front door…

‘Cause all we need is love,
but love means sacrifice,
but it’s sure worth the price
if you get it right.

(and moving past concepts born of ego)
‘Cause way up in the sky
there is no such thing as blind
so tell me now is this low or is this high?
Let it go, enjoy the ride.
Without the low, there ain’t a high.


…and then one fine day, round about sunset, when we quit turning a blind eye inward and look down from the space of empty sky, we get out on on the front porch and standing quietly in the yard in front of our noses just is what is.  No lows.  No highs.  No work.  No flowers need disappear into the mystery anymore.

When ego is observed, love is never sacrifice.  We take a look outside the window of self,  and seeing past the concept of lows and highs, we find the truth.  It is the reality  just standing there staring back deeply, mysteriously into our eyes.

sunset snack

sunset snackfriends at tea timedeer being dear

Flowers disappear and with their disappearance, we remember we are that bigger mystery of love living self into life.

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23 thoughts on “Dearness of Mysteries

  1. Scant recompense:

    H. ❤

    • A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the rose. -Chinese Proverb

      They are one of my favorites. Thank you for that. Class. True class. I used them when I got married and I hope to return into them as soon as I depart. -x.M

      On second thought, there is a better peek here:

      • Thank you for the proverb M; that really warms my heart. I’m nearly always reduced to tears when it comes to generosity. That, together with harmlessness, I think are of the highest of human virtues.

        I see from following the three links that my virtual gift was an okay choice – great to learn more of your and N’s venturing together. You mention the word ‘class’ – what a very classy wedding dress you wore!

        H. ❤

        P.S. I'm sure you'll make a potent fertilizer for those future roses; they will smell extra sweet to those who eventually gather 'round in your memory.

    • I cannot find on your beautiful wordpress site where I wrote about my purchase of your book (I know there is a way to see where I have posted all my comments elsewhere, but I am not a proficient navigator on the wordpress dashboard). So in an effort to save a bit of time, I will quickly post this here.

      LOVED your guided mental trip to the edge of the cliff / ocean view. I am so blessed to enjoy BOTH at once actually here were I live. There is a bench at the spot where I took the photograph shared in the attached post below and the next time I am physically there, with eyes gently closed sitting relaxed, but with back straight, ankles crossed and hands lightly clasped on the edge of this cliff, at the edge of the ocean I will take you there with me H and repeat your awareness with presence gifted exercise.

      BTW, I also was reading of the example of “Frank” your neighbor and his car as my husband could be heard to be shuffling with the doing of his morning ablutions upstairs in the house a few days ago. It made my heart smile.

      VERY VERY VERY much enjoying your book. Your use of language is so lovely and your organization so clear and complete thus far. What an aid to strip out all the window dressing and be left with the meaning and structure of life exercising sustained awareness as presence! -x.M

      • Your video share is like a love letter straight to the heart…no words needed.

        I experimented last summer blogging for awhile not using any of my words as well. Might I continue the love shared in your offering, with the next step this rose will also take, which to my eye is almost even more beautiful as it is completing the circle so to speak:

        I am not sure that you would know this but Portland Oregon is know in the states as “The City of Roses”. There is an amazing internationally known test garden that was located right up the hill from where I used to live there. About 550 varieties are featured on thousands of plantings and I have spent many an hour with my eyes and nose VERY happy there…THE SMELLS ARE SO INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT ROSE TO ROSE!

        I used this garden like my backyard as it was only a long block away and often I could be found on a bench there with a picnic lunch from the deli.

        And just for fun…my favorite all time rose for the human body product is British! I bought it via mail smell unseen and thank my lucky stars for trusting my gut and just ordering. I used to be a Fresh Brown Sugar from France fan. If you have never tried, I HIGHLY recommend. I wish there were teleport capabilities available via blog and I will fill a tub for you and leave the scrub by a lit candle:


      • This is so fantastic that I can hardly stand it. The human voice packs so much information encoded in it. I just discovered the ability to send YouTube straight to be watched on a bigger screen. I am going to mix up a summer themed happy hour drink and live this one large while enjoying it with the volume way up as I send you a long distance toast. -x.M

      •  photo perfectlypeachycocktail.jpg

        raspberries and peaches Chin chin H!
         photo summerhappinessinaglass.jpg
        and ommm what a wonderful world it is 🙂
         photo bigtimeommmenjoyed.jpg

      • You are so lovely and giving M; not only in the way you respond to us commenters, but to yourself too – both of which manifestations make the world more wonderful.

        I think such kindness to oneself may be an area that perhaps might enrich my own character-narrative-experience; though it’s tricky to know for sure in truth, as I’ve never really had any desire to pamper or treat myself. [I did appreciate the earlier teleport offering – I’ll make do with a drop of patchouli] I don’t think it’s about how that character reflectively values itself, which would be a typical cause; I think maybe it’s just an authentic aspect of it – like when I said to you earlier this month that I had an innate preference for not being too visible. [Your post ‘Good Day’ – July 2nd.]

        You’ve again warmed my heart with these pictures of your Bellini. And so, by means of a rather tangential, though in name at least, related ommmage, I offer a link to the painting that first stirred my interest in art during a transformative visit to the National Gallery in London:

        H. ❤

      • Breathtaking Bellini. A potent share, as much as any summer peach. It is wonderful how art can stir the inner workings on.

        It is an interesting thing this idea of care taking of oneself…for me it had been all about learning to do it from presence. I think I was born in America so that I would not get totally lost in awareness dancing with form only. If I had been born, say in rural Japan or in a little European village with ancient architecture, a focus on quality “things” and a rich culinary heritage, I think I would have been a goner with no bandwidth left for focus on hearing the inner conversations.

        I could so easily disappear into a poof of external beauty. Nothing wrong with this, but when it is consciously generated from a curated inner space, the outer is a tangible gift of love shared in the world, rather than just cool, beautiful stuff. STUFF NOT NEEDED AT ALL BTW, but beautiful to have and share when available as little pieces of heart spilled out into the world. We live in bodies and it is fun to care take them as the temples that they are.

        I had a friend once ask me to decorate their space. I told them I could not. However, I did tell them that I could work on helping them focus on seeing and accessing their own conversation with presence more clearly, and from there would easily come the inspiration for creating the space around them. It would be a lost opportunity to grow and live a deeper layer if one were to constantly sleep each night and live each day in space created from someone else’s imagination, don’t you think?!

        I have several house guests coming again throughout August and I recently did a walk around the space that my husband and I inhabit. I did this with an eye that was all about observing line, light and comfort. There is a trend in my home toward an outer eclectic aesthetic. It was fun to see so many “stuff” choices which have come together over this past year that were made due to a “feeling” that inspired a purchase rather than the desire for things to “match”. I am not able to paint on canvas with the skill level of Bellini in the way my heart would desire, but I can do my own version using space…and those “Bellini’s” can then join the party, too 🙂 .


        Fun factoid…the glass holding my Bellini was inspired by one I purchased at a charity shop on the high street in Glastonbury…same side of the street as Burns the Bread, but closer to the Tor end (I think it was for a hospital or cancer help or some such thing). Beauty is found where ever we look when it begins IN the eye that sees. I see you H. What I see is a beautiful Bellini in heart shared. Ommmmmmm right back at you. 🙂

      • Regarding beauty being ‘. . . consciously generated from a curated inner space.’:

        Yes, I think I hear what you’re saying M, and agree. To me, it feels as though we create [woo alert] ‘vibrations’ in the outer world that echo those of our inner world. As to whether the manner in which we create this harmony ([which is already there!), is perceived by others as ‘beautiful’, well, that’s very much open to the questioning and subjective judgements of others.

        For myself, I tend towards wanting open floor space around the place and which for me, gives the thinking mind space too – i.e. not to think so much. I enclose the physical space with a few pieces of furniture which are intentionally uncoordinated in style, though which some how ‘work’ together for me. The walls, I mainly adorn with abstract paintings, though I also have a collection of religious icons depicting biblical scenes/figures – even though I’ve never been into the bible or religion in a devotional sense. I think anyone walking into my place would struggle to work out my character: empty? – spiritual? – haphazard? – ordered? – abstracted from convention? – orthodox? – female? – male? – enigmatic? – elusively obvious? I think I’m all those things really. . .

        H. ❤

        P.S. Thank you for your kind and generous closing words M. I sometimes struggle to interpret the more colourful tone of some American English, tending, on the whole, to be a little less hallucinogenic or poetic in my own rather dreary 'bog standard' English. I think this sometimes causes a little jarring when I comment on North American sites, and which is mainly down to my, at times, uncertain 'reading'. Having said that, I just had an extraordinarily schizophrenic exchange with an Englishman on his site!

  2. 🙂

    here they are very shy ….

  3. Mysteries are so very dear! His eyes are saying, Thank you, M, for the lovely sharing of those tasty flowers! I wonder if I can capture the raccoon that has been visiting the cat dish at the front door. His eye contact has a different vibe, altogether. xo! m

  4. ~meredith on said:


  5. How lovely of you to have fed the Deer-est Mysteries in your beloved garden! Now it is time Dear-est M to attend a bit more to the flower that you are yourself. Hopefully you’ve learned that miss Ego also has a purpose in her garden! 🙂 . (The Faun’s know ) P x

    • Yes, yes I love being in me and getting peeks the being in all those lovely souls who check in with me here. You and the Fauns are such a delight! -x.M

  6. Ego is our sense of self, and instead of trying to kill or subdue it, we must allow it to gain the consciousness we have never allowed it to have. We are not meant to destroy the ego. We are meant to keep it balanced between over-inflation and self denial.

    According to Christine DeLorey

    With love from the P

  7. About ten years ago, my wife fed a small herd of deer. I got pulled into it, but I can’t take any credit. She has an eye and a heart for calling these things in. We got up to about twenty or so regulars. In the winter, on the weekends when I was home while the sun was going down, there was nothing more magical than watching the smaller groups come from different directions, and approach the little piles of deer feed. You really felt like you got to know them. It was crazy. Crazy beautiful.

    I could never come home the same route twice, because when hunters saw me at the feed store buying all that deer feed, they’d try and get a bead on the location of all that venison. Kind of a sad ending, but some folks nearby were losing their gardens and shrubs and flowers to deer nibbling, and then the sharpshooters were awarded a contract, and the herd-thinning proceeded outside of our control.

    I’m still in a therapeutic process to recover from my childhood encounters with the story of Bambi… 🙂 We don’t feed the deer anymore…


    • So beautiful a share about a tenderhearted and powerful exchange.

      It is so interesting the balancing of the books that nature does and how it gets a bit out of whack when us humans enter into the picture and into natural habitat areas. I understand the need for culling as we (meaning humans) mess up the natural predator / prey flow and then when deer reach over population they suffer and starve in lean wintertime, but it is still hard.

      I am not completely anti-hunting and where I live there are families getting by on so little to be able to live where their great grandparents homesteaded and where they grew up here on the coast, but without many resources or jobs…so game meat is greatly appreciated and needed. When it is not culled Rambo style, but rather like the beginning of Last of The Mohicans, I think nature smiles.

      Thanks for the share. I couldn’t get a picture of it, but just a few days ago there were two tiny little spotted bambi sized deer at the little stream just between my house and the next door neighbors! BEAUTIFUL 🙂 -x.M

      • Sounds wondrous. At the other end of the spectrum, one of my early morning tasks earlier this summer was the removal of a baby deer from our garden that the coyotes must have reached when Mama was away foraging. Nothing left but bones, ligaments and skin. Nature can drive a hard bargain to be sure.

        I’m with you on the hunting. Like most everything, it’s the relationship we carry inside of us as we act that “matters”, no? Deer are such graceful, innocent creatures. It is heart-warming every time I see them.


  8. Amanda on said:

    Oh, I thought the same as Marga. Look at those beautiful eyes. So full of wild wonder and curiosity. Smiling their thanks at the tender snack you helped provide. I just spent the better part of an hour watching our sweet pet turtle Luna munching on my Oenothera. It’s her favorite treat while she roams free outside, under my watchful eye. I whispered a thank you to the pale pink flowers for their generosity of being. Now if only I could merge with the generosity of the rabbits as they decimate other parts of my garden…works in progress 🙂

    • Bless you on the dance with the rabbits! It is one thing to have ornamental items disappear, but the food for the table?!! That is a graceful one to navigate. I have often thought about planting a critter garden patch when the time comes for me to have a garden…one separate from the human table use one and then asking the little entities that share our space to please stay out of the pottager one. I have heard of people having success with this related to mice in the house (meaning they have created a outbuilding/garden shed and have asked the mice in the house to move there and they did!!!).

      Good luck! -x.M

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