Stunner In The Rearview

It is a dark and velvety cold winter night here at the ocean. Humidity and clear night skies always offer a special kind of blanketing aspect to the cold I find.  So, with the kettle on within from a warmed through heart, it is time to brew a little cuppa in thank you…


The unanticipated break of a needed item not to be found available for purchase anywhere on the coast necessitated an unplanned trip into Portland at an odd time yesterday.  So it is that N and I were found to be cruising down the road looking back in the rearview mirror just in time to see the sunset as we traveled over the pacific coastal mountain range late on a chilly winter afternoon:

rearviewsky on fire in the rearview

The image featured above is the resulting picture captured while sticking the head and hands hanging backward out the moonroof of the car last night. (Poked out just enough to get the shot and not enough to be frozen in place in the frigid winter whipping wind encountered at 60mph!)

Stunning, the sights that can be seen and the treasures that can be found, when we allow ourselves the pleasure of looking back down the roads we have just traveled from time to time.

2014 I find offers a similar stunning sight when seen in the rearview.  It has been a rich and varied year for me.   When I sit quietly now with a warm cup of tea and reflect back upon it,  much of the true wealth that has been gained as the earth spun another full circle, has been gifted by those of you who read, write and engage with me here. Your shares this past year are so appreciated.

What powerful mirrors you are at reflecting back the beauty that we be!

Heart happy gratitude and much thanks (more than the mere words can really contain) are sent to each of you for this.  Your hearts (in the form of words shared here that echo on as my nose moves around), have traveled with me these past quiet months.  Each of you can often be found conversing quietly within me.  This is precious to me.

Thank you.

May 2015 be found to be all the more beautiful as we each continue to build and travel on with the adventures of this next spin round.  I raise a cuppa to the joy of future sharing on your little peeks back and in, and the stunning views I know I find in you.

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7 thoughts on “Stunner In The Rearview

  1. Damn girl, you look GOOD from behind! I love you, and am so grateful to have danced with you in such spaces as 2014 provided. Looking forward to more rendezvous in 2015.

  2. Deer M — I’m borrowing this image for today’s post on New Earth Paradigm. We will be returning to the States in January for an extended visit with friends and family. Would love to meet up with you on our way down the coast between Tacoma and Gold Beach. What beauty you caught here. Much love as our journey continues, Alia

    • HOW MUCH FUN!!! Do you need a place to stay the night on the leg of your adventure that takes you down south past our stretch of coast? Let me know. N and I are in and out traveling for work all month, but would love to meet you and T. Let me know! Happy NEW! -x.M

      • Would love to see you both. Where on the Coast are you? We’ll probably be coming through your area about the 22nd of Jan. as far as we can see things at this point. ♥ Alia

      • A -It has taken a bit of time to get back to you because I was attempting to move my work around a bit so I could be in OR for the window on the 22nd. Alas, I was not able to pull off which means I will be in NY. I am sorry to miss seeing you and T. When do you go back and do you fly through NY at all?? Let me know.

        For future reference N and I are about 30 min south of Cannon Beach as of now for at least the next 9 months 🙂 . -xM

  3. … great to see M too … that was a long break …

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