Dating Eckhart Tolle

Simply stated, in the sincere hope of gifting the reader out there a little chuckle today, might I offer a snapshot of a moment frozen in time… a picture taken down off the wall of the house of the ghostly spirits of a past M:

It is not necessarily the proudest moment to recount here, but yes it is true, there was a small window of time in my life, vintage mid-2004 (lasting exactly the full length of the traveling time to, and sitting down at, an Eckhart Tolle Meetup group gathering sponsored in NYC) where my only motivation for seeking out and attending the event was in a very clumsy and naive attempt to go fishing for (and I directly quote my mental checklist of that time here):

a “spiritual and awake” man worth dating in NYC


Yes, and to all those stunningly beautiful shadchan at heart and self yenta matchmakers out there, go ahead and say it out loud with me:

“M, oy veh!”

-lol-  & -lol-

This was a night I gifted my bad old little self a moment of what I can so clearly see now as profoundly, beautiful weakness.  It was unawareness in breathtakingly silly motion, fueled by loneliness with that special added splash of a small feeling of awareness as to the first slowings of that biologically tic tic ticking clock.  What a strange, and irrational sense of momentary panic this particular feeling combination seemed to induce in me back then!

That night, I entered the room of the event (about 250 people gathered) and took my seat.  Right when my neck started to attempt to turn the head to begin visually scanning the room, I instantly encountered a massive bubble of laughter.  It began to make it’s way into my throat, resulting from a powerful flash of brutal self honesty about the ridiculousness of what I was just about to attempt to do.  (Hey, was that just a snippet of Berry White I heard attempting to piggy back as the background soundtrack for my writing here? -lol)  However, as funny as this moment was, it was laughter that in the moment I had to IMMEDIATELY choke-back-down (GULP).

For those of you who have never found yourselves in the midst of their own version of attempting to date Mr. Tolle, I will share with you the fun fact that all Eckhart endorsed events are intended to be SILENT gatherings!  Shhh Berry, shhh.   lol

So, recomposing myself with the hasty mental retreat being beat back from the temporary insanity of being lost in the illusion of dating from the separated self, I quietly sunk back into my seat and proceeded to just enjoy the Tolle video teaching shared.  At it’s conclusion, I took this newly upgraded, more honest and more self aware self and left once again alone to go home with her.  However, I am pleased to report that with a tenderness full of first date good manners, I did take her out to dinner by myself to celebrate the bit of hard won awareness upgrade at a 24 hr diner just down the street. 🙂

So, once we know what we now know when we are sure that we know it 🙂 , just how does the SSS woman in the city (that would be s.ingle s.exy s.piritual) actually really go about finding and meeting the man of her dreams?

She first works on connecting to him by becoming him within her self.*  Huh? (just what seemingly androgynous pretzel of a sentence is that?)   *note not herself

Love Tolle style:

It is the recognition of yourself, in the essence of self which you can then find and share in the other.  True love is then known to be found in recognition of the oneness of all life.

So, one must know and be “one self”, to authentically be in position ready and able to meet it in another outside oneself.  Wholeness with presence alone, to the best of our ability to gift it to ourselves, within ourselves, then resonates out and begins the process of big mind field attraction in the external world for the experiencing of it being in a state of together.

Meet-ups can still be enjoyed then for celebrating the inner relationship, but attendance at them for external dating purposes is never required. 🙂

And as for all that biological clock motion back in those days???

Ladies (and for any Gent interested), in my experience, it is all already taken care of in learning to love and honor the synchronization of ODD SYMPATHY (I ADORE that it is called that!!!) physics of our biological pendulums for the quantum harmonic oscillators that they actually are.  🙂  What is set in motion in our biology from PURE intent, oscillates out and becomes just what big mind intends it to be. Accessing looking at our lives from that level of awareness,  if it is a fact that you have a child, it is not ever a mistake.  If it is a fact that you do not have a child, it is not a mistake.  Ever.  Biological clocks never factor in.  Ever. 🙂

(If Eckhart were running, I think he would approve this message… and I even think he would have been OK if that laugh that night had actually escaped into and out of my mouth with Berry playing accompaniment, too!  He seems to have a good sense of humor.  His own little breathy erupting chuckle, still today, never fails to make me lol along with him as well 🙂 ).

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5 thoughts on “Dating Eckhart Tolle

  1. A little love song left here in dedication to all those past little selves who have ever crushed on and then been crushed by the erroneous idea of the sexy Eckhart we think is going to found by a focus looking for him (or her 🙂 ) sitting in a chair somewhere else other than our own.

    How fun to be sitting out there in the audience, watching the mesmerizing performance we are giving in our own lives.

    Bravo, bravo to you M (vintage 2004)…. all left right here in this post along with a standing ovation, with much compassionate love, thrown just like flowers aimed right at the heart of your precious daftness. -xou from M (vintage 2013).

  2. Just great! Such honesty is rather rare these days! Years ago, (and maybe the same year) E. T. came to India in the town where I was living. Such a humble guy, and his girlfriend quite sweet. Isn’t it fun what fantasies the mind can play with? That it was seen with Awareness and prompted laughter, what a joyful gift. Can imagine E.T. would enjoy as well!

  3. Yes, it was a WONDERFUL fantasy 🙂 , that after about 5 more years focused on my own growing, I was FINALLY ready to manifest into a real experience!!! ..but, it was an experience NOT ever going to be found by treating spiritually focused gatherings as potential dating pool locations for meeting of a spiritually focused man – lol.

    Once I finally had enough “Eckhart'” love wisdom activated, internalized in myself past just an intellectual understanding with the ability to actively live from it, one stormy February night in 2009, I was ready for my personalized version of “Eckhart” to show up in the form of hearing my husband’s voice for the first time.

    In my case, it happened by randomly finding an interview he had done archived on an youtube channel. Here was this British bloke (talking all those years ago about what he called “gates of awakening”). He spoke my language. Because I had done so much work toward knowing and loving who I was and to the best of my current ability back then, being 100% ok by myself alone in the world (alone, but not lonely), it was like the universe gifting me the the Mancunian accented, male version of myself. 🙂

    (My husband and I still owe the person behind “theduderinok2” youtube channel a case of champagne for facilitating our ability to find each other.)

    Thanks Kai!

    I am so glad for your share that E.T. walks his talk when met in person as well! I have yet to meet him, but in my bones, I have always suspected that he absolutely is the real deal practicing what he preaches (and YES his partner Kim seems a joy). I also have yet to ever go to India, so thank you so much for sharing the view there through your beautiful eye.


    ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to follow the link, more just left here for my own archival/ tracking purposes :):

    This is that first interview. After just the hearing of it, I told my sister that I was going to marry this man!

  4. i can’t put into words the mixture of feelings i have from this tender and hilarious sharing! As I ponder my now and the womb of learning i am in – i glance at the clock which reflects back to me 9:17 – my birthday – and a winking sign of the love i am learning for the SELF – such beauty in the maskless real, you! the suppressed laugh you experienced was probably in the throats of many there as well – as it seems so often in the reflecting nature of this fractal design. Gates of Awakening was a pivotal listen in 2009 for my journey as well. Love to imagine your fortune cookie unfoldings and my facade crumblings overlapping so magically.

  5. The sublime sisterhood of the sync strikes again….

    I just post up including a link about being born again (WATER included -lol) and what do I find waiting in the in box gifted from the corner of the adventure shared by one MTs improv in the world? (link left for any other readers wishing to continue the threads with additional connecting layers and deeper dives)

    We are so loved. Just looked at clock on my computer: 11:11 🙂

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