Light In The World

It is people like the following man who give me hope that humans just might yet make it:


I have the privilege of seeing the light of human activity emitted on our planet from the air quite often at night.  When seen from the clear and empty night sky, the displays our cities put on at times can be so breathtakingly beautiful.  I often contemplate the millions of toothbrushes I am flying over, which are all attached to those millions of points of light…all of which also have millions of individual and unique stories attached to each.

It is a shared story of humanity told in the darkness and with our unique light.

What are you choosing to do with the light that surrounds your home?


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Just as a lovely aside as well, tonight is the best night to enjoy the Delta Aquariids meteor showers that arrive this time of year because we are also falling in the new moon territory providing a naturally darker sky.  If you end up with clouds in your area tonight, you can enjoy a live stream here:

For more information about this annual event:


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11 thoughts on “Light In The World

  1. The lighting chandelier tree was great. My wife made a photo chandelier for the graduation party we hosted recently, and I helped hang it from a tree in the backyard. There’s something really cool about collaborating with a tree artistically. I can’t really take any of the credit on that one, but it was a fun time. She’s always putting up strands of light in the yard, and it’s always amazing. There is definitely something about light… seeing the cities lit up… seeing the skies lit up… He’s right about the fact that it cuts across cultures somehow, like it’s instinctual or primordial. It just kinda’ makes you feel alive.


    • Oh, I love this little glimpse into your magic-making wife, Michael. She sounds very akin to Ms. M here! Have you heard of these guerrilla knitters who are decorating our world with colorful yarn? A way to dance with buses, benches, and TREES – and then community. Oh, but the way the lights glow in the darkness – nothing compares.

      • Fun share and it made me think of this…. -x.M

      • Yes, my wife is an amazing magic-maker! In so many ways. (I’ll send you guys a picture of the photo chandelier. Don’t know how to upload one here…) The yarn bombs are awesome, particularly the trees! But I’m with you on the soft light of the chandeliers glowing in the boughs of a tree… wow…


      • Michael, there is this site called where you can register for a free account. It allows you to upload and turn photo’s into files that can be embedded into comments. If it is a comment on your own wordpress site it will display the picture itself when you copy and use the HTML link. When commenting on someone elses site you can use the DIRECT link and it will link to the picture opening at it’s own mini http: location. Hope this helps!


    • Of course you will be married to a magic maker! How could it be any other way 🙂 . The hens always love a peek into the roost. Never mandatory, but it is fun to know how those we are about are feathering their nests. -x.M

  2. I live very close to a hill, on the other side of which, the local performing arts festival takes place at the end of June most years. At night time, a wonderful glow emanates from the site which silhouettes the hill and partially illuminates by bedroom. It’s a lovely effect, especially as I can almost feel the goodwill of the many who are gathered there on the other side.

    Hariod. ❤ (Over the hill)

  3. ~meredith on said:

    Wow… I love the chandelier tree… sharing public space in a neighborhood is so inspiring. I think about how much people enjoy sharing inspiration and it’s a joyful way of life. Thanks, M. xx ~ m.

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