Confessions of an Ailurophile

I have been exceedingly blessed to have been gifted the right relationships right when I have needed them over my whole life.  Each person  has brought the perfect mix of support, challenge and growth to encourage my evolution as a human being on this planet.  But I must confess that two of the most important relationships of my life to date have not been with humans.  It has been with two cats.  For the past 15 and 9 years respectively I have been honored to be the human person family member for two extraordinary cats Luke and Max.

I cannot count the number of times I have come home with a heavy heart at the end of the day after witnessing uncaring, unconscious behavior in my fellow human beings out in the world only to be saved from utter despair by these two zen masters.  Sharing space with them is like being given access to unlimited, unconditional love complete with soft warm hugs and sandpaper kisses anytime I need it.






(where they go when it is time for me to travel)

With hand on heart, I can honestly say that these little guys have saved my life.  If you are interested in the story, ask me one day about how they did this.  I would be happy to get out the tissue box and tell you our tales.

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4 thoughts on “Confessions of an Ailurophile

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  2. Thinking of Luke.

    H. ❤

  3. ‘woke up thinking of Luke. Chloe reduced to cooing over the likes of such beauty, yesterday. xo! m

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