Since Luke’s passing, I have continued to think quite a bit about my experience of time and space and light and death.

We imagine space and time are measured as absolute things and that it is light as it travels through these dimensions that is changeable.  However, this is not the case.

“Ye are the light of the world
…and it giveth light to all who are in the house…
let your light so shine…”

When light as the absolute that it is, is the thought focus of our perceptions, what happens to the way that we live in time and space?  I think a door to a deeper experience of perceiving reality begins to crack open.  For me, the experience of death of a beloved cat has brought me to a threshold of feeling in the experience of living of my life actually as that light in a profound way.

This is the voodoo woo woo magic making melting of separation in death untethering us from time and space, living eternity now.  We open the door, and stepping out of time in space, know the light that we actually are while still here in a form of embrace.


Death Clarifies What Life Begins

There’s but one embrace
– words words words mere echo’s bouncing back again and again.
Echo’s of love echo’s of hate float off into oblivion but bounce back again.
Time neither begins or ends because it’s the continuum of a single embrace.
When I discovered my insignificance the laughter
could be heard for miles of millenniums and then bounced back again
mere echo’s of time being me.
When you embrace yourself you’re embracing me
we weave ourselves into a tapestry of echo’s in time being you.

-Mike of CAIMBEUL,
“Mysticism is dancing with the mystery, not trying to figure it out.”

(Thank you for these words M! I miss you.  I miss Luke.  However, I know you are never far away.  -xx.M)

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15 thoughts on “Untethering

    • I LOVE ‘Death Clarifies What Life Begins’. Quite vivid and clear in the statement alone. Thank you for sharing it.

      My 7yr old son watched the ‘Free Hugs’ video a while ago. Last week I was sitting alone by the garden and he came out to play in the sandbox right in front of me. I looked down and saw a handwritten note, duct taped to his back, “Hug me”. At first he pretended like he didn’t know what I was talking about when I scooped him up for a big hug. But later he confessed that he had written it and put it on himself because he thought it was SO cool that ‘tons of strangers’ responded to the ‘Free Hugs’ guy. He then proceeded to walk around the neighborhood doing his own version of the experiment. He got quite a few 🙂

      Embracing myself to embrace you today!

      • 7 year old perfection!!!…with a mum that is fostering and nurturing a little man who will go out into the world at large hugging!!! YIPPPY YIIIIIPPPPYYYYYY and a hiss boom ba of fireworks in the heart at the potentials for the light of love transforming this Earth one neon sign tattoo flashing from the soul at a time.

        I am so pleased that your neighborhood stepped up to support his plate. I am looking forward to a world that will as well and with neighbors like you, it is already happening!


  1. M, your poetry is wise and beautiful, an evolution of soul expressed through form within our particular space-time continuum. It is said that all animals are Zen because they can not be otherwise, Luke reflects you like a clear mirror.♥
    “Time neither begins or ends because it’s the continuum of a single embrace.” – Nice, I really must share your fabulous quote!
    Knowing all ===> this, words are merely the device/divine leading us all back home. Hugs Dear M ☼♥☼

    • Thanks M! They are words of my heart, but they were written by a blogger who lives at Hermits Rest in the desert of AZ. His online sanctuary was called Ciambeul. It is a blog that has gone a little bit “poof”, but his presence is still all around on that mobius strip of an embrace. So so glad you enjoyed.

      At my spot on the dance floor, during the past weeks there have been moments when the heart has been heavy, but the hugs are received, felt and eternally appreciated! -xx.M

  2. In-between lost in noise
    Somewhere, somewhere
    In-between got no choice
    But to be here
    Somewhere, somewhere

    If you can hear me
    If you’re still there
    Stay tuned
    There is more to come
    Oh don’t start searching
    I’ll get back to you

    Riding waves trying to reach
    Somewhere, somewhere
    Cannot share this moment with you
    I’m particles in the air
    You can’t see me
    But I’m here

    So if you can hear me
    If you’re still there
    Stay tuned
    There is more to come
    Oh don’t stop searching
    Stay tuned
    There is more to come
    Oh don’t stop searching
    I’ll get back to you
    I’ll get back to you
    I’ll get back to you

    • Perfection. The static is such a powerful and important reminder. It is only that static that keeps us feeling separated. YES YES YES there is more to come…stay tuned. H, thank you thank you thank you. Back to the yous we never left 🙂 -x.M

  3. Just before I read this post this morning, I was playing with my little N on the floor. I was sitting criss cross facing him, while he was standing (shakily, on his wobbly flexy ankles and still-developing-for-standing muscles), and he was balancing by leaning his head down to anchor his forehead on my forehead, as I was looking up at him. So there we were, two silly insignificant humans, balancing on one another’s third eye, steadily sending profound energy into each other, and yet, doing nothing but being on the floor. Nothing and everything. I realized, in one clear moment, that what I was doing had no significance and was, at the same time, the meaning of life. Having a boy lean on my head made this life worth living. And damn, if one could see that in everything one does, the inner explosions and at the same time absolute stillness of every event and silence between events…woah. 😉 What I find in this post is that you have found similar experience through the love and caring of your Luke, a little cat that may seem to be nothing in particular, but is actually everything right there for you, hiding in plain sight. Purr purr Mr. Luke, and PoUR down your wisdom and light on this house of the world. Shine baby shine!

    Loving the morning jolt of juju. Now off I go into the world. 🙂 xoxo-A

    • No significance and at the same time the meaning of life…

      Nothing and everything…

      Hiding in plane sight…

      Touching the ordinary miraculousness of just breathing 🙂 and EVERYTHING GLOWS!

      Every freakin precious moment of life. Wanted to write about the walk I took with N right after Luke’s passing. He was holding my hand as we were walking to the beach. Then I released one day one of us more than likely would be making a similar walk, but at that time it would be done alone without the others hand to hold in physical comfort. Gulp. Just an ordinary walk holding hands, but linked to all walks ever made in feeling the loss of physical form. I stopped N in the middle of the street and just hugged him. I told him we needed to anchor that hug in our memory and re-member it for whoever one day would be making the next walk without each other.

      Yes A, pour lady pour…pour your floor wisdom so beautifully out into every moment of breath, every forehead touched. Welcome home to the sacred truths just under the surface of ordinary…so so so beautiful are you and your N and your precious shares. -x ❤ x.M

  4. You have me catching a glimpse of us commandeering out of the soup of light a group of photons for our body jalopies for this ride. I’m riding my skateboard into the open arms!

    • I wrote a response to this on the comment page, but now it is not here after I hit the post comment button…hummm…??? I wonder how many times this has happened and I did not realize it because I never went back to make sure it showed on the post page. I wonder if when I look at a video link that has been embedded in someone elses comment if it goes to that window without posting the comment I just wrote. ???

      Oh, well. Just some general musings.

      What I had shared was something about the continued perfection in the share of this song. We are guided to give just what works when following the flow.

      No doubt no doubt when the compass is set by living love.

      Soon soon is getting sooner 🙂


  5. Beautiful words, M. We are indeed living eternity now, within an embrace of Love.

    Un. Be. Real-able. 🙂


    • When my little brother was first with my family (adopted at age 5 from Korea) he kept saying “rice rice rice” and my parents thought he must be hungry so he was often given more rice. When his English was better, he told us he was saying nice nice nice 🙂 YES YES YES unberealable. I LOVE IT. -x.M

  6. Thank you for the Free Hugs video. Enjoying it over and over again at the ranch.:)

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