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I usually only ever wear a watch on my physical body when I am working.  It is a required duty item for employee use in a time sensitive take off and landing airline industry.  Related to my job responsibilities while on the plane, the FAA even go so far as to require us to wear a time piece that can easily track time down to the seconds as they pass.

This type of second tracking watch is specifically insisted upon for use in monitoring medical situations while in flight.  It is for use when doing CPR and then generally for tracking time’s passage in emergency situations (an example being if the captain calls and says we are emergency landing and one has exactly 6 minutes to prepare the cabin).  Tracking seconds doing chest compressions and monitoring the passing of emergency landing minutes while cut off from help on the ground in charge of a cabin full of people in the sky, now become a matter of life and death sitting on one’s wrist.

So, when wearing a watch as a human being, time gives us a sense of frame work and control within which to contain our doings.  As such the passing of this time is trackable and always consistent…a minute is always a minute and traveling a mile is always a mile when focused on our experience of time moving in space in this way.

Or is it?

((Thank you Sparkonit for this reminding synchronicity found waiting in my reader)

It is the light that we are aware of that is the constant, traveling in a changing time and space relative to perspective.

During my past almost 14 years of flying, it is interesting to note in emergency and high stress life and death situations, so often it is the sense of the passing of time and movement in space that is reported to be perceived as altered in perception by human beings. (I do understand that this is not quite what the video explanation was pointing to, but it is an interesting thought leap to try out).

After stressful events, time is often described in experience as being greatly slowed down, bringing with it an acute hyper awareness in detailed perception of activity occurring in space as “time keeps on slipping into the future space”.  Time is so often reported to be moving with a slow motion sensation through space which causes the environment around one to be sensed as thicker and perceived in a layered and more detailed way.  I think there are some VERY interesting clues left for us in truth related to time and space and light in human experiences like this.

For me, it is very interesting to watch what happens in the flow of life and to my perceptions when I am required to be time and space conscious in the normal, watch wearing socially accepted ways.  I find that encouraging of the wearing of watches and living of life flow engaged in activities that require them, grounds and tethers human beings in ways that can very easily be used to control and then emotionally manipulate human behavior.  Just think about what happens when you are in motion in space within the idea that you are running late.  What happens to your sense of balance, ability to focus and your physical presence linked to your emotional state when there is the thought of late?

Is it ever really actually possible to be running late anywhere but in your mind?  !

In contrast to my work, when I am in my home environment I never wear a watch.  In fact I have placed several clocks around my home space specifically as reminding decorations.  However, these clocks do not tell the time or they are set to tell the incorrect time 🙂 .  I do this on purpose to remind myself of the illusion of the passing of time being a fixed experience.  I do this to remind me of time being relative to my perspective in space.


I like being reminded of different potentials for experiencing the passing of time.  I also use clocks in this way in my home to remind me of the idea of “no time” or what some would say is the freedom from time by living life from the ever present perspective of NOW.  Doing little things like this helps create an environment in space where the experience of time can be played with and molded in novel ways.

In my life at home away from “time” 🙂  spent while formally working, I have crafted a living flow where other than the odd appointment, it is rare for me during the day to ever very often need to know exactly what time it is. For many years now I have lived focused on creating interactions where knowing the general time of day provided by observation of the sky and movement of the sun is enough (although I will admit that tracking time this way has it’s own interesting dynamics since moving to a coastline where it is often grey and cloudy all day).

I ADORE tracking time using nature like this…the sky, the tide and the time of day alarm clock provided by changing sounds from the animals (who never seem to need a Timex or day planner to get it spot on 🙂 ).  Have you ever gotten up in the dark of the morning just expressly to enjoy the concert the birds put on as they sing the sun up?.  Tracking time using nature this way puts one back in touch with the rhythms of the whole planet and changes the feeling of interaction and connection in our shared Earth space.  Living like this also can begin to help crack the door open to space and time becoming experientially relative again.

If you are someone who often wears a watch, or is required to wear a watch for your work, might I suggest taking if off for an extended “time” 🙂 when next you can and try letting the sky and nature keep time with you in the space you find yourself.  Give yourself a detoxing mechanical time fast.  See what little magic making light of awareness is set loose in the rhythm of your world.  I think we very readily can use nature’s time awareness in this way to spring ourselves from the traps in the illusion of separation and limitations we humans impose on ourselves with time and in space.


melting time


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19 thoughts on “Watch This

  1. As a watchless watcher myself, watching whatcha say here is a timeless experience M. Hands up (or are they at a quarter past?), my poor brain has never clocked what time is, and only ever seems to tick the boxes of ‘now this’, ‘now this’ – you know what I’m tocking about? This isn’t a wind-up by the way; so no cause for alarm (oh what timeless puns!). Now then (see what I did there?), as regards the midnight toker, I once upon a time saw him perform at Knebworth here in England, and whilst I was unable to stand still (instead flying like an eagle), then time certainly did; rather as it also did at Glastonbury when ‘Pendulum’ were present in the past(ures).

    Hariod the anachronism. ❤

  2. Here and now boys here and now! And yes, tweet tweet twitter in the morning, lovely little birds. The best welcome to the day one could ask for!

    • I must confess that birds as alarm clock does not happen as often as I would like, but when it does, my feeling of connection and presence in the day is definitely enhanced. -x.M

    • I like the French guy in this video M: ‘Ah coll zem ven ah mek pee-pee’

      No doubt that would have been during what Mr. Sinatra called the wee-wee small hours of the morning.

      H. ❤

      • lol delight delight H. It is interesting how those that speak french can croon in the early hours and still sound so french 🙂 . -x.M

  3. Timelessness blossoms in time, I think. I am struck by the irony of why the FAA would require you to wear a watch, as it is in those moments of pure intensity when we need them least, when timeless knowing intervenes and bends the sensations of time to ensure we receive the needed instructions in their most rarefied purity. What can you really do with a watch in six seconds? That is enough time to say one complete sentence, or spring the length of the cabin one time. It probably keeps the flight attendants calm to a certain extent, giving you some marker around which to organize chaos and urgency, but I wonder how much it is really practical? You could speak to that more than I.

    One observation of Buckminster Fuller’s I’ve always loved is that the physical universe is non-simultaneous. Every echo of an energetic event reaches us from a different point in space, and thus our “now” is an amalgamation of all sorts of assorted pasts. But then we have those synchronous moments that defy time altogether, when we pick up the phone or write just as the other end of the line is thinking of us. It would appear, as I think you suggest, that there is a certain sculptable malleability to time. Days pass, years roll by, and my most profound memories are timeless instants dotted along the way. They are always with me, like buoys in a harbor that float upon the tides.

    The rhythm of the natural world is beautiful to us, in part I think, because it is so gentle, so obviously a simulation of the ease with which all things arrive at the points in which they are most relevant, most needed, most able to serve. So much anxiety derives from marking time, as you say. Projects needing to be done by certain points in time, because if they’re not, they “cost” more. And yet the “cost” of time is also rooted in perceptions I think, though they seem to be immutable properties of this world. I’m savoring a moment of reflection here of a world in which the basic operating understanding is that the natural flow of things offers us abundances we have yet to imagine tapping into…

    Though the birds know it all too well!


  4. Tweet tweet and a beautiful tweet as I walk out the door today back into the world needing to wear a watch on a rare weekend away. I am siding with the birds, but keeping an additional eye on time for an adored husband who is on a schedule over the next few days. However, it is interesting to see how the weight hits the wrist and settles. I feel the watch on that knowledge retardant suit and allow it to be what I think it possible to become. I am looking forward to playing with time while tethered by something that does not bind, but rather is allowed to say…guide (?) !

    I really enjoyed your Fuller reminder. It was an amazing moment for me the first time I contemplated the ideas of the “new now” with time running on perception angles over space. (really illustrated well in the Illusion of Time documentary linked above starting at about 21 minutes in for those who are reading and may not have looked at time as a loaf).

    Thank you thank you for taking the time 🙂 to share your deeper diving thoughts here M.


  5. Dear M,
    Late to the party as usual, but I suppose that is the point here, as it is still now.

    I have a natural sense of time that I like to attribute to my engineer dad who had me synchronizing my Cinderella watch with his at a very young age. Maybe that’s it, or not…

    I haven’t warn a watch since childhood because I don’t need to. Among the many things one learns from not wearing a watch are a) there are clocks everywhere if you must know and b) nature tells us the time and the seasons through sun angle, location and intensity.

    If asked what time it is, I can usually report clock time within 10-20 minutes accuracy without the aid of a time-keeping device. It’s not that I am counting, it just seems obvious when I am asked. Perhaps time, like other phenomena, is well-patterned enough to sense.

    Of course, time-keeping is a cultural convention, but it does have a basis to natural rhythm. Rhythm also seems natural, full of possibilities of patterns and space, ebb and flow. I like to understand time in this sense. In most things my pace tends to be slow, but I do enjoy running, traveling on machines of speed such as those big birds that move us quicker than any natural rhythm can anticipate. That feeling of finding myself in Durham, NC, visiting my sister and niece one moment and then deplaning at PDX shortly thereafter, seems surreal to me even after many, many trips.

    Thank you for inviting a wonderful meditation and for sharing your own thoughts and experience of time.

  6. ~meredith on said:

    Karen, Madden,
    I love your

    The link in the comment (above) reflects a moment ‘tween time. With friends! ~m

  7. ~meredith on said:

    (dang!) Demon type pad!
    Carin’ Maren
    I love all the

    Sent you a post card from beyond time. (see messy message #1 for link.)

  8. Dearest M, I love that you have such a time-less mind! 🙂 It’s great!!! I replied on your comments, but they slipped back to me! Anyway, know that you’re in my time warp! Much love P x

  9. Happy Soltice Sista… P x

  10. Thank goodness – Flavor Flav (did I get that right?) knows what time it is! Eden and I are sharing a toasty loaf of time for breakfast this morning, the one day of the week with no alarm set. This little rental house is having some water issues with a newly developing monsoon season, and I greeted a visiting earth worm this morning who somehow made his way in under the sliding glass doors in my room – and I begin thinking about the creatures we share this world with who flow in time from their own perspectives – earth worm life form having an adventure indoors on wood floors and trees and insects and cats and dogs – we overlap but exist in such different time zones – trippy! So fun to find your wonderful time contemplations after you are again untethered from the clock – hope the flow is delicious in your zone! xo! m

  11. A week ago today a beautiful woman gifted me with a special charm. I was wondering if she might provide a way for me to contact her in a less public forum 🙂

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