Take Care Little Brothers: Choice & Cultural Orientation

If you found out you were for sure going to be dying in the next year, what is important to you to have experienced in the life you are currently living and why is it so?  The way you answer those questions will in part create the reality of your life.  But outside of personal choice, what actually makes up the reality of being a human living on Earth?  What about what we do and do not do is really needed and is actually really real?

Many years ago seeing the following documentary made a tremendous impact on my answer to those questions.  It is peeking into the living choices of the Kogi of Columbia which gave such a different point of reference for what was important in being human and how to best live a human life.  It was these amazing people making their home in the “heart of the world” who helped me formalize the beginnings of questioning why it is I was living life the way I was, doing the things I was doing.  The video comes up linked as part of a play list, but really it is just the first video listed entitled La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) | From the Heart of the World – The Elder Brother’s Warning that I am attempting to share:


And for a continuation on similar themes from a more recent piece watched earlier last week, I offer the rather eloquent thoughts of anthropologist Wade Davis (yes yes, old growth forests of the mind!):

In reality 🙂 , this post is a quick little share that had been brewing on the back burner all last week.  With Debra of The Ptero Card just including the following fabulous quote in one of her comments with her last post, I am spurred by synchronicity into action:

“Reality is what you can get away with.” -Robert Anton Wilson

That sentence perfectly sums up so much of what I think people like our “big brothers” are pointing their fingers at being really real.

“Story tellers change the world.”  -Wade Davis

Take a look around.  What you see is real.  This is how things are going, until it is not.

We are the ones who are choosing how what is will be.  We are the ones who choose what we can see.  And very soon the Earth may just be forced to step in to do a reset as we continue to destroy her ability to support human life as we currently experience the reality of it today.  Humans may completely kill themselves off one day, but more than likely the Earth will still be here (wherever here actually is as the moving target expanding in seemingly ever rotating space 🙂 ).  I find great comfort in that thought.  There are consequences in reality and we do not get to choose whether they come or not, but only which ones they will be and how we face them when they do.



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4 thoughts on “Take Care Little Brothers: Choice & Cultural Orientation

  1. ::
    This is a big part of why I write this blog, this is a big part of why I share “my” story:

    Changing the potentials for everything, HUMBLY 🙂 , one post at a time. -x.M

  2. ‘. . . this post is a quick little share. . .’

    With over two hours of video to quickly watch! 😉

    I’ll have to get back to you as time permits M; though this theme of the elusive ‘reality’ seems to be in the zeitgeist n’est-ce pas?

    . . . what is important to you to have experienced in the life you are currently living and why is it so?

    That’s a very complex question in some ways, and brings in notions of meaningfulness of course. Our ideas of meaning, and how we interpret it, in other words what it is that we attribute meaning to, vary over time naturally enough. At this fairly late stage in my life, meaning has little meaning, if you know what I mean? o_O Certainly though, there were times when meaning was sought, and with a relentless ferocity that the search for it became the dominant theme in my life for decades. In the end(?), the meaning was derived in a certain, well, meaningless I suppose you could say – a reality without distinctions as to any supposed unreality. I am left with what some might call moral values in this meaningless though, things like harmlessness and compassion, and although that sounds altogether too trite to say, perhaps there is some meaning in these things?

    I hope you are faring as well as can be expected currently M; my thoughts have been with you and Luke these past 24 hours. Do please continue to share with us all whatever you feel it is appropriate to in this regard.

    Hariod. ❤

    P.S. It's the day after the full moon here in Glastonbury, and as usual, I'm all over the shop M. Please forgive my general incoherence in the above.

    • Your words are balm to the soul. Harmlessness and compassion pack a powerful punch indeed and I can think of no better intent for meanings to set ones life by. -x.M

  3. I will watch this video soon one evening! Muchas gracias! P x

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