Heavy Hitting Healing Answers

I am writing from an early Monday morning moment stolen while working.  I have spent the bulk of the last chunk of weeks traveling out and about on our planet observing vast swaths of humanity in motion.  For the past few days I have spent all day, everyday out over our oceans.  As I fly over, I observe concern for the state of affairs:  X  and  X

However, just as I returned from Aruba yesterday, I trail hope and joy out over the ocean at our potential to change and heal it all, one thought from an authentic deep expanding “beingness” in consciousness away.  This way of being is not some new age mumbo jumbo.  It is a kick ass POWER FILLED way of healing what we see broken in our world and it happens very simply in the way we live our lives from the inside out:  XXXX

I head off in a few minutes to fly over the ocean again, only this time it is the Gulf of Mexico landing in Cancun today.

As I do my fly over, I believe the thoughts I have about myself and the ocean are just as important as what our feet and hands do when they touch it.  What are you doing to heal our oceans today?

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15 thoughts on “Heavy Hitting Healing Answers

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Thanks for sharing my work and for sharing Neil Kramer’s work, too. He’s an autodidact, what one should be if one wants to *know* the Self. I had not heard of him until this post. Also, safe travels. Peace, Ik

    • Happy to pass on words of wisdom from the wise. As for Kramer, I had not heard of him until this post either, but as I turn and find him on the next pillow over quite often, we will not tell him this ( 🙂 ). I never ever ever was going to be anything close to anything one could call a traditional wife! lol -x.M

      • Erik Andrulis on said:

        Lol, now I know what you meant by calling yourself, “the wife of someone important in the spiritual community” (or something like that). Pleasure to meet your aquaintance again, Madam, if only as the wife/love of Mr. Kramer. Warmest regards, Ik

      • Kramer as important? Debatable. lol

        However, Kramer as real, yes. As in really walking the talk, abso-fucking-lutely.

        Can’t remember what I wrote that you might be remembering. However, I will say in the past there was some exploring of those sides of self that are a bit sensitive to the public part of sharing oneness openly…

        Or rather, let me say for a time I was sensitive to being a bit of a Joy charging into a proper Mr. Lewis’ life. Dancing in the entwined light and shadows… private vs. public story polarity on the edges moving inward closer toward our stillness in the center.

        Stillness in motion that is us. American with no inhibitions dancing the role as British with proper tea time conversation as it is about to go 4D viral gyre. lol


        (PS he gets all his best stuff from me 🙂 ) —(I am THAT cheeky -hee hee. and no it is not the American fanny cheeks lol)

  2. Growing up on the east coast of Florida, the ocean is very dear to me, she has been my friend since childhood. I remember running along the shores, building sandcastles, jumping in the waves, saltwater in my eyes, making my skin white and sticky. As I grew up I sunbathed in the sand, floated in tubes with my high school friends, and now return every year to play with my family in her sand and waves. She is my personal Giving Tree. My heart breaks over what is happening to the seas. I often think of her, I pull her in and dance with her, I share myself with her and mingle our energies. I know this, she is magical, and she is one tough cookie. We no longer eat fish or seafood, for I feel she has been drained and needs rest. This video and post are beautiful. While you fly above, send her my love. 🙂

    • Lovely,

      My heart very often was found floating in the ocean on the west coast of that great state during the I AM LOVED days (I had a house in Saint Pete FL for many years). Now the coast is calling again. Will be moving to the ocean shortly and I plan daily to dip my toes in with thoughts of healing and wholeness. Such gifts from the sea… gifts of the ocean inside spilling out around us as we play in this life. Thank you for coming out to play A. You help heal us all so beautifully. -x.M

  3. Good on you M… creating awareness is the great thing we do… and physically I make sure I don’t buy things with plastic packaging… So what were, are you doing in cancun… IAM just planning my holiday there next year… celebrating our 25 years together… We used to have our holidays there every year when the kids were growing up… the beach and sea used to be so clean… although both tom and myself used to actively pick litter up off the beach before we could sit down… I hope it is still beautiful… take care, Barbara

    • So hope you enjoyed. With a love of Jung, we keep good company. -x.M

      • Yes, I did enjoy! He has a good take on a very big picture and yet brings the solutions down to a practical level for individuals.

      • So glad you found beneficial!

        Big picture elucidation without an attempt to apply it into how it impacts you in line in the grocery store would be missing the opportunity to have meat and potatoes at the feast of living :). Fancy vol au vents, aperitives and a little cool vichyssoise from time to time are all well and good, however a life would be starved if we did not empower ourselves by seeing our role in creating the whole picture then using that understanding to change them. Bon appetit lovely lady! -x.M

      • …yes, we are what we eat, so to speak 🙂
        Hugs dear M!

  4. Gede Prama on said:

    Amazing and thank you friend, there are many inspirational articles

    • Gede,

      I have had a bit of a blogging break so I am just seeing your comment. Thanks so much for the read. Look forward to checking into your writing as well.

      Joy On YOur Journey,

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